I know what it’s like to try to DIY your business. 

I was like a SPONGE consuming alllll the free business advice I could get when I first started out. 

I pieced everything together as best I could, and it worked…. kinda.

I mean, YES, my business is super successful now, but I could only imagine how much faster I would’ve gotten here had I had proper guidance and mentorship early on.

(I wasted a LOT of time thanks to trial + error, information overwhelm, and shiny object syndrome)

So, seeing as you are probably in the same position as Marie circa 2014-2016, here are 4 common, but deadly mistakes I want to save YOU from making. I walked so you could run!




Could you describe my logo if I asked you? 

Do you know what my ‘official’ business name is?

Have you ever seen my business cards?

Probably not.

That’s because they’re NOT that important!

Don’t prioritize having a fancy logo, a website,and making everything ‘look’ legit, when you SHOULD be prioritizing PROFIT. The flashy (and easy) stuff shouldn’t be stopping you from taking action and attracting the clients!

What you SHOULD be focusing on and prioritizing is building relationships with potential clients, selling, and delivering a stellar client experience.

Everything else is secondary.

Harsh truth: if you’re not making money, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.

And a hobby with a cute logo is still a hobby.

Another prioritization pitfall I see alllll the time is starting with the WRONG offer.

People are afraid that clients won’t pay them high-ticket prices, so they launch cheap guides, challenges, ebooks, etc instead, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Unless you have a large audience already, you’re way better off starting high-ticket, and NO, it’s not harder to sell more expensive offers, it just requires better strategy.

For example: if your goal is to hit consistent $5k months, go ahead and start with something like a $350/month program. It’d only take you 14 to 15 clients to hit those months vs. needing to sell 100 $50 ebooks every month.

You do the math.




Don’t get me wrong. There are tons of AMAZING, free resources, videos, classes, ebooks, etc. that claim to guide you on your journey to entrepreneurial success.

The issues come in when you try to piece together all of these different resources from different people, with ZERO context, and create your own strategy.

Two different business strategies may both be incredible… individually. But that doesn’t mean that they are conducive to each other.

Think of it this way: every business mentor you learn from (including me) is helping you assemble a different puzzle, and the finished product is a successful, thriving biz.

The problem is that when you try to put together pieces from DIFFERENT puzzle, you don’t end up with well-fitting pieces, OR a coherent picture at the end– you end up with a mess!

Same thing goes for piecing together business advice from tons of different sources.

Plus, information overwhelm is REAL.

My advice? It’s best to just go all in with ONE strategy. ONE coach. ONE proven-to-work roadmap.

And if you can invest to work with and learn from your mentor on a higher level, even better! You will progress SO much faster and go 10 times farther.




Can I be honest with you for a second?

Waiting until you’re ready is just procrastination.

Yeah, I said it.

I’m constantly preaching messy action because the truth is, you’ll NEVER quite feel ready to go to the next level, no matter how long you’re in the game.

For beginners especially, you have to look at ‘ready’ as a CHOICE, not a feeling.

Rule of thumb: if you wait until you’re feeling ready, you’ve already wasted too much time.

People need YOU to show up with the knowledge you have right now.

You ARE ready to share your knowledge, and ready to start building the foundation of your business.

Besides, clarity comes from action, not the other way around.




Having a mentor in your corner and a like-minded community can make all of the difference in the world! 

I know first hand, because it was so tempting to quit when I first began building my business.

I started my fitness Instagram in high school and I was straight-up bullied for it. People would call me by my Instagram name as a joke, make rude comments, and even make their own posts mocking me.

Fast forward a few years, and I still struggled with getting the support from my parents and close friends. They didn’t understand why I turned down a full-time job offer after college to pursue my business full-time. I was judged by people and it wore. me. down. 

It was so hard not having that support system behind me during that time, when I actually needed it the most. I almost quit because of the pressure – and if I had let the lack of support bring me down, I wouldn’t have the freedom that I do today!

Don’t let a lack of support be the roadblock to your success.

Join Facebook groups (are you part of mine yet? Search ‘Grind & Be Grateful Community’ on FB if not!). Lean on your friends and family that DO support you on your journey. Invest in a business coach that genuinely cares about your goals and success.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t do it alone.

There’s no need to make the same mistakes that so many before you already have!

Each and every highly successful entrepreneur I know (including the millionaires) have rock-solid support systems, INCLUDING a coach.

We would rather go farther, FASTER, and feel supported every step of the way.

It can be scary, overwhelming or nerve wrecking in the early stages of your business… hell, it can even feel like that in the later stages of your business. But what’s important to remember is that you’re not alone, and that support is available to you.

Your favorite fitness coach who’s always killin’ it? 

That business coach you admire so much? 

The mindset coach that seems to have all of her shit together?

Yup, her too. They’ve all been there. 

So stay strong, and move through your business with intention! Don’t lose hope if things don’t immediately work out. Try a new way. Look for new resources. Invest in a coach. The paths to success are endless.


Rooting for you,