The Ultimate Instagram Course for Mastering Content Creation + Owning The Algorithm

Are you ready to master the art + science of content creation so that you can show up confidently, get seen by the RIGHT people, and grow with ease?

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I know you're feeling frustrated with Instagram...

 ❌ You never know what to post, and when you DO, you have no idea if your content is good or not.

❌ You feel like ~the algorithm~ makes it dang near impossible to get engagement, much less GROW.

❌ You want more followers, likes, impact, influence, in INCOME, but you don't have a proven strategy to make that happen. You're basically throwing spaghetti at the wall right now...

❌ Playing the follow / unfollow game, cold messaging people, or getting a bot *gasp* is NOT your style.

❌ You're so sick of putting time + effort into making content, only for it to get CRICKETS... or if it does do well, you have no idea why or how to replicate it.

Imagine If...

→ Every time you opened Instagram, you had new likes, comments, and followers flowing to your page.

→ You had a proven plan for what to say AND when and how to say it-- no more guesswork or creative blocks.

→ Your posts and stories were getting in front of the RIGHT people every day, making it easy to monetize your audience.

→ You knew exactly how to attract your ideal followers and were growing organically-- no paying for followers here!

→ When you asked for engagement, you actually GOT IT, and not from those spammy bots either 🙄.

→ You felt 100% CONFIDENT showing up in because you know how to get in front of the camera and craft irresistible content-- no more awkwardness! 

And You Got Instagram Wins Like This:

Hi, I'm Marie.

I built a multi-6-figure empire using INSTAGRAM to grow a loyal AF audience, become an industry leader, and ultimately create the business and life of my DREAMS.

→ I hit $1 MILLION before I turned 26.
→ I bought my dream home earlier this year.
→ I get to travel the world and work (or choose not to) from anywhere with wifi.
→ And I spend my days serving absolute DREAM clients.

ALL made possible because I've mastered the art + science of becoming an Instagram Content Boss™. Now, I help other women leverage the power of this FREE platform that boasts over 500 million daily users.

There's no better place to build a personal brand. 

There's no better place to find, nurture, and SELL to your dream clients.

And now it's YOUR turn to learn everything you need to become a total Content Boss™, too.


The Ultimate Course for Mastering Instagram Content Creation So You Can Attract Loyal AF Followers, Show Up Confidently, and Generate Authentic Engagement

The First Instagram Course Of It's Kind That...

✔️ Builds a solid foundation, then takes you to new levels

You'll get the A-Z's of utilizing Instagram so that you can create a rock-solid personal brand + business based on proven systems + strategies.

✔️ Combines content strategy with confidence building

So that you can show up, get in front of the camera, and generate consistent content with confidence. No more hiding or feeling awkward-- it's your time to create a magnetic social media presence!

✔️ Makes it easy to implement + see real results

I've got you covered with tons of simple worksheets, templates, and proven formulas so that you can take action ASAP.

✔️ Includes live coaching to keep you accountable + on track

To celebrate you becoming a founding student of Content Boss, you'll get an exclusive invitation to group Q&A calls so you can receive personalized feedback + support.

✔️ Created by a true industry veteran

I've been building my Instagram presence for nearly EIGHT years-- I was there before ANYONE was making money on social media-- and now I'm pulling back the curtain to show you my EXACT approach that has allowed to me to generate nearly $1 MILLION in revenue directly from my Instagram presence.


Instagram is the most powerful platform for growing an online presence-- now you have access to the exact strategies to make it happen.

everyone knows that...


Here's What You'll Get:

7 Comprehensive Breakthrough Modules

Confidence in Your Instagram Presence

With video lessons about highly actionable strategies, systems, and step-by-step walkthroughs so you can see results ASAP. Most modules also include worksheets, templates, and/or checklists.

You'll learn proven methodologies + mindset shifts so that you can confidently show up, stay consistent, and feel unstoppable every time you're in front of the camera.

24/7 Access to All Course Materials

Lifetime Access to Future Update 

Log on and level up any day, any time! The course hub is even mobile friendly.

Receive updated + upgraded content that adapts to Instagram AS it changes, no matter how much the investment increases (and it will!)

I know you want the deets...

My Clients And I Stay Winning Because Of The Strategies Inside Of Content Boss

The Content Boss Curriculum

oh, you want the nitty gritty details? I gotchu



→ Meet your Instagram guru + learn how to make the absolute most of Content Boss
→ Set game-changer-level goals for your  Instagram account + content
→ Discover the essential elements of Content Boss-ery   
→ Set up your profile using my Fail-Proof Bio Formula 

$149 VALUE

mODULE two


• Branding 101: learn the real meaning of 'branding' and how it will be a huge factor for your success 
• Develop your brand's (hint: it's YOU) personality, vibe, voice, and aesthetic so you can effortlessly stand out from everyone else in your niche or industry
• Get a never-before-seen tour of my branding tool box including my favorite content creation apps + photo editing workflow
  $397 VALUE

mODULE two


• Learn my five signature Content Goals to magnetize your audience + ensure that you NEVER run out of things to talk about  
• Understand the psychology of Instagram users + how to decide what goes on your feed vs stories vs IGTV
• Build out your captivating content pillars + plan a whole MONTH of content in under ONE HOUR
• Discover the secrets for staying top of mind with your audience simply by being authentically YOU
  $449 VALUE

mODULE four


• Understand the essential elements of good photos (no professional camera necessary)
• Kick awkwardness to the curb with fresh strategies + tips to develop your on-camera presence
• Master a few key poses + photo hacks to keep your content interesting + awkwardness-free 
  $297 VALUE



 Unlock my Perfect Post Checklist so you can feel 100% confident every time you hit 'POST'
• Learn the make-or-break best practices that you should apply to EVERY single post you make
• Give your content writing a major upgrade with PROVEN, easy-to-implement writing tips
  $249 VALUE 



• Dig into the psychology of what makes some people's stories binge-worthy + other people's boring
• Learn the 6 essential story types + best practices so you can maximize your views, influence, and growth
• Get exclusive access to my story idea library to give you hot + fresh content ideas, making it EASY to show up and wow your audience on the daily 
  $297 VALUE

mODULE four


• Dig into the psychology of what makes some people's stories binge-worthy + other people's boring
• Learn the 6 essential story types + best practices so you can maximize your views, influence, and growth
• Get exclusive access to my story idea library to give you hot + fresh content ideas, making it EASY to show up and wow your audience on the daily 
  $297 VALUE



• Gain a deep understand of exactly how the algorithm works so you can make it work FOR you instead of against you
• Learn game-changing engagement strategies for both posts + stories so you can generate more likes, comments, shares, and follows every single day
• Steal my simple hashtag strategy + tools to boost your visibility and get fresh eyes on your content 
• Learn how to audit + improve your content using the free insights on your account so you never plateau
  $449 VALUE

This course has so much insider knowledge that I could easily charge thousands. I mean... it's made me and my students MILLIONS.

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Save $194!

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Oh, and did I mention there's a 14-day money back GUARANTEE?!  True story.

The world needs your
unique story and gifts.

It's time to show up and be seen.


The Strategies + Info Inside Of Content Boss Have Been Game-Changing For Real Women Just Like You

"I made my first 10k month organically through Instagram, have a packed waitlist, and my DM's are flooded with my ideal client!"

When it comes to Instagram, Marie knows her shit. She gives you proven systems to boost reach + engagement which for me translated to SALES. I have tried so many ”IG hacks, ” with no success... Marie took out the guess work and gave me a roadmap to use IG as a way of connecting with my perfect client and growing my biz. Forever grateful!

Before getting Marie’s help with my content, I was spending hours trying to understand the algorithm, putting all of my time into growing, and still not attracting the client's I wanted, and now, after applying Marie’s strategies to my own Instagram, I made my first 10K month organically through Instagram, have a packed waitlist, and my DMs are flooded with my ideal client!"


"I feel like I was given a toolbox with the answer to everything... It made content creation fun. This is the best course I've taken...Ever!"

I feel like I was given a toolbox with the answer to EVERYTHING regarding Instagram. It was so insightful + I was EXCITED to learn every day.

It made content creation fun. I feel confident in my posts, regardless of how they perform... It’s given me the courage to walk through my fear of actually show up on Instagram which was PARALYZING before. So HUGE win.

This is the best course I’ve taken... EVER.


"[I have] so much engagement!! I feel so much more confident [from] having a formula for writing posts"

"Content Boss helped me really start from the ground up on my business account which I'm now at almost 1000 followers starting from scratch! 

I don't ever stress over any posts, have easily learned how to batch, and SO MUCH ENGAGEMENT!! 

I feel so much more confident showing up on Instagram having a formula for writing posts. I’m able to easily batch content for weeks at a time which gives me time to focus on other stuff!"


"The module on content strategy was life-changing! Marie is a social media super genius, so [you have] absolutely no need to hesitate!"

"Since I've started going through Content Boss, my reach has tripled and my impressions have quadrupled.

The module on content strategy was, dare I say, life changing. I had no clue how to plan out posts, but now I can plan out 4 posts a week for an entire month in about an hour!

I didn't hesitate to enroll in CB because I know that investing in myself will pay off in the long-haul. And I also know Marie is a social media super genius so...absolutely no need to hesitate!"



is content boss for me if....?

what is the formay of this course?

This course is for ANYONE who desires to improve their Instagram strategy + presence so that they can grow + monetize their audience; any industry, any niche, any level of expertise. You don't even need to have an online business or offer YET-- Content Boss will open up ENDLESS opportunities for your future! 

As soon as you enroll, you will get an invitation email for our exclusive course hub. Inside the mobile-friendly course hub, you'll find the curriculum organized into strategic modules. Each module includes video lessons (with downloadable slides), PDF worksheets + templates, as well as bonus resources. 

You also have the ability to ask questions right in the course so that you're always feeling clear + confident while you implement!

what makes this course different?

Is there a money back gaurantee?

After making money on Instagram for over 8 years, Marie knew that her course needed to be LEGENDARY, so Content Boss includes all of the proven strategies + action steps that have made her + her clients MILLIONS. She holds nothing back, while also keeping the curriculum straight-forward + simple.

As a business coach, Marie always prioritizes actionable + intentional strategies, so you'll find tons of worksheets, templates, and tutorials. So unlike other courses, there's no fluff, no vague promises, and NO information overwhelm.

Content Boss is ALSO the only Instagram course that includes mindset + confidence trainings to help you show up CONSISTENTLY + fulfill your potential.

YES! We know that you'll love this course so much, that we put a 14-day money-back guarantee on it! 

These strategies + action steps are PROVEN to get results, so if you can show us that you completed your course materials, took action, and still aren't seeing results, we will issue you a refund.

Please see the full terms & conditions on the checkout page for more information.