I know that you are going to relate to today’s guest SO MUCH, and not because you’re an elite athlete like her, but because you’ve probably dealt with, or are dealing with a lot of the same internal battles that she has. Today, we’re hanging out with Victoria Garrick, who is a senior volleyball star at The University of Southern California. Not only is she is a four-year division I starter, team captain, two-time NCAA elite eight contender, and 2015 PAC-12 champion– aka a total badass on the court, she is also an advocate for mental health and body image struggles in athletes and young women all over the world. Through her own struggles with depression, disordered eating, and body image, she has learned how to rise up and reach her goals no matter what it takes. Victoria is even a TEDx speaker, and her talk “Athletes and Mental Health: The Hidden Opponent” has led to tons of media exposure and opportunities for her to shed light on the internal battles that many athletes, and actually young adults in general, are facing. Whether you are an elite athlete or just workout for fun, I know that you’ll relate so much to Victoria’s stories and wisdom around chasing goals, perseverance, overcoming bad body image, and picking yourself up when it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.


Review of the Week – @emily_minnich “I just discovered this podcast a few days ago and I’m absolutely loving it! I’m in college and still trying to figure out a balance to work on my school/work/fitness goals and it’s so great to hear all the stories and advice Marie and her guests have! (2:10)

The Move, Nourish, Shine Collective  “…everything I’ve gone through, and everything I’ve taught others has led up to this” (3:41)

Meet Victoria (7:27)

When Mom says, ‘make it happen!’ (10:02)

Competing for ‘your position,’ and for what you want to have happen, happen (11:00)

How sports relate to work, relationships and the choices we make (11:40)

“I’m outgoing, I’m confident, and so for me to experience depression was really hard to grasp. I didn’t really empathize with mental health before I experienced it.” (13:00)

“I thought, so many people must feel the same way, but they don’t know how to talk about it publicaly”  (13:49)

About Victoria’s Tedx Talk on mental health and ‘The Hidden Opponent’ (15:07)

Victoria’s daily schedule as a DI athlete (16:58)

How to deal with a bad day (19:10)

“It’s figuring out how best to navigate the inner workings of your mind in those tough moments.” (19:55)

“My escape is my regular life. I can’t imagine a person who feels that anxiety, and that dialogue in their every day life, with their friends, with their family, in the classroom. It’s that same feeling that you’re not in control of your thoughts, and your fears, and that dialogue.” (21:15)

“You just can’t be perfect in school, and in your sport, and in your workout class, and with your family, and in this relationship, and if you do all these things perfectly, you know what you’re not doing perfect? Treating yourself right.” (22:46)

“Being the most YOU that you can be, is perfection.” (25:19)

“The way we would talk, and cator to, and treat a best friend, is often so different than how we would treat ourselves.” (26:19)

Victoria & Body Image (27:18)

“What are the likes and comments giving you?” (28:40)

“Everyone goes through tough times, and you never know what anyone is going through.” (32:11)

“What you’re looking at is a highlight reel!” (33:05)

“We think that there’s something we can achieve materialistically, that’s going to make us happy and make us love ourselves, and it’s not.” (34:10)

“Happiness is not a place you arrive to, it’s a state you cultivate.” (34:50)

“My body is so different than so many girls because I’m lifting heavy weight and I’m working out 6 days a week, 3 hours a day.” (35:59)

“The muscle is mark of your character, of that determination, of that will power, of that grind you have. So be proud of it.” (38:01)

“There is so much more to life, than what you can’t eat for lunch today.” (39:07)

Victoria’s top tactics for breaking through a bad body image day (41:00)

Meditation, mindfulness, and Victoria’s favorite app (43:09)

Rapid fire questions for Victoria (44:40)

Victoria’s recommendations: “Breaking Free of Emotional Eating”, Stop Breathe Think app

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