For my Americans listening, this week’s show is just in time for one of my personal favorite holidays, THANKSGIVING. Obviously since this is the grind & be GRATEFUL podcast, gratitude is super important and I love that it’s so central during this time of year. Sometimes the magic of the holiday season can be overshadowed by our own personal struggles though, particularly around food and exercise. Sometimes we get SO wrapped up in our diet or exercise plan that we lose sight of that magic– food and body concerns take your focus off of being present, enjoying your loved ones, enjoying the celebrations and the food, and if you are currently like “holy crap, this is me” right now– if you have spent past holidays worried about eating the right things, or not eating too much, or working off your food– then this episode is for you. I sat down with my friend Jessi Jean, who is a certified eating psychology and she helps women evolve their relationship with food, ditch dieting, and reclaim their health and happiness in ALL areas in life. And not only is Jessi incredibly knowledgeable and has the credentials to back it up, she has also personally overcome massive struggles with eating disorders, body image, exercise, and self-worth. She is living proof that there is SO much life and freedom on the other side of our struggles with food and body, and I’m really excited for you to hear from her, especially her wisdom and strategies for approaching the holiday season in a balanced, healthy way where stress food and exercise DOESN’T cloud the experience. This conversation really couldn’t have come at a better time! We also chat about the pros and cons of flexible dieting, the best way to manifest your goals that ACTUALLY works, and how to measure progress without using the scale. You’re gonna love this one!


Featured review of the week from n_sanchezxo: “Lovin’ it. Recently I’ve gained weight.. I felt lost and hopeless and just gave up. But listening to you has changed the way I see things AND has taught me new things. Thank you <3 ” (3:46)

Marie has a question for you (6:22)

Jessi’s background with fitness, wellness, education (10:01)

“It was this constant mental tug of war between wanting to feel good in my own skin, and also not wanting to feel absolutely crazy around food.” (10:22)

“Getting to the place where I’m at now has definitely been a process of evolution”  (11:56)

The cycle ‘the pendulum’ (12:46)

Finding freedom in flexible dieting (14:54)

When ‘tracking everything’ becomes a chore (17:40)

Who flexible dieting may and may not be the best fit for (19:13)

“I think we’re so used to, and we’ve been so conditioned to take things away as if it’s going to add more to our life. We’ve been conditioned to believe the smaller we are, the better we are; we constantly want to reduce things out of our life to somehow be more. (20:52)

Jessi’s thoughts on starting something from a place of negativity vs positivity (21:24)

“When you do something out of fear–of not wanting to gain weight, or disgust in your own body–it’s like putting bad ‘oil’ into your own ‘engine’, your internal environment, and expecting it to go further, faster, longer. If we can switch this, and put good ‘oil’ into our ‘engine’, and that is the self love, when we look at if from that perspective, everything changes, and the motivation isn’t so fleeting, it becomes something that we look forward to because of what it adds to our life. (21:55)

Jessi’s competition history (24:22)

Reverse dieting with Layne Norton (26:29)

“The amount of people that can compete and maintain total mental, physical, and emotional health is probably .001 percent.” (28:10)

Jessi’s side effects post-competition (29:32)

The right vs wrong ways to approach progress (32:34)

“Physically, what are other ways to measure progress? What about energy levels? What about hormonal health? What about your sleep? What about your sex drive? What about your skin?”  (33:55)

“It’s a process, it’s a PRACTICE, feeling comfortable when you’re not a body weight that you once were or that you think you should be…” (36:42)

“It’s a practice. I didn’t just wake up and feel good about having rolls and sagging here and this there, I just chose to practice every single day, quieting the inner-critic and instead drowning it out with self love and self compassion and affirmations and looking in my own eyes and saying words of love, doing it enough times where your brain starts to believe it and living it out!” (37:00)

Future Pacing: Jessi’s steps to self-love and self-acceptance (38:50)

“I will envision exactly what I want to have happen, before it even happens.” (40:01)

“Our brains don’t know the difference between what is real and what is just perceived.” (41:26)

Manifestation (43:33)

Food relationships & the holidays (44:55)

Strategies for approaching the holidays with balance (48:10)

Be present with your food, enjoy the company that’s around you (50:40)

“If you go into the holidays with all of these rules, and I think most of us can attest to this, ten out of ten times we crumble within an hour anyways and we have this ‘screw it’ mentality and we’re elbow deep in the potatoes. (52:25)

“Don’t do that and expect it to work again this year, try a different approach, release the rules and have a strategy for really enjoying this to the fullest without totally losing it.” (52:42)

“We think that if we box ourselves into these rules, and the more rules we have the more control we have, but here’s the reality–it is a perceived control, and the moment we fatigue because we’re hanging on to so much internal pressure, we go off the deep end.” (53:40)

“That’s why we’re stuck in the cycle–we think that the answer is more rules and more restriction when in reality the answer is less rules, less restriction, and in place what ends up settling in is more balance.” (54:02)

Holiday exercise and exercises for success (56:49)

Jessi’s (59:34)