I am SO excited to have you here today, because this week’s show is nothing short of life changing. You know those moments in life where something just clicks and you find greater clarity?? This episode single-handedly has MANY of those moments, and I know that you’ll experience them just as strongly as I did during this interview. Now you’re probably wondering who the heck our guest is this week– who could possibly create such rapid change– and that is the incredible Danette May. Danette is a fitness icon, entrepreneur, leader, world-renowned speaker, former celebrity trainer, creator of the Rise movement, and best-selling author, wife, and moth, who has an incredibly inspiring story– the life and empire that she has built, was built on rock bottom. By sharing her story and the lessons she’s learned along the way, Danette has changed the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives of millions of people around the world. She focuses on the transformational power of healing foods, healing movement, and healing mindset, and teaches women how to transform the muck of their lives into inner motivation, empowering them to love the bodies they live in and love the life they life. I truly can’t even encapsulate all of the wisdom and light that Danette shares in this episode, you’ll just have to listen for yourself… but I can tell you that you will NOT regret it and that you’ll want to immediately order her book, The Rise, so you might as well head over to Amazon right now!


Review of the week by @Fearstofit (5 stars) “What a breath of fresh air, this podcast is so reassuring in the fact that industry has such genuine souls and is still being led down the right path by people like Marie. Thanks for constant encouragement and lot of knowledge bombs, lots of love, Kendall.” (2:11)

What Marie eats in a day (5:20)

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Who is Danette May (8:18)

Danette’s first steps towards healing & creating a shift (10:15)

Healing Foods, Healing Movement, & Healing Mindset (12:01)

Non-negotiables (16:17)

“Small hinges move big doors”

What getting out in nature does for you (18:52)

“Nature is healing on a cellular level”

Shifting into a higher being (20:54)

Affirmations (22:20)

“Some people need to see to understand…” jar of rice example (23:17)

Rise from your fall (25:35)

“I am a big believer that your biggest pain, is your biggest gift.”

“When you fall to your rock bottom, you un-layer all of the stories that people have placed on you, or what you should believe, or who you should have contact with.”

What rising to your fullest potential looks like (27:08)

What does un-layering look like (29:45)

Soul Writing (30:40)

“I wake up with the intention to connect with my inner higher self; what would you have me know?” (31:45)

Confidence from leaning into your intuition (33:28)

Write down 5 people who impacted your life (35:25)

Jealousy (38:37)

“Inspiration is ‘I see it in you, and it’s coming my way.'”

The Rise – Danette’s Book (39:48)

How do we know when we’re lying to ourselves? (42:02)

How claiming your truth will hurt people (45:32)

“At the end of the day what really matters? Our energy, and how we feel about ourself, and the love we feel for ourself, is way more impactful than pleasing someone else.”

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