Minimalism… manifestation… abundance mindset… if you’ve been hanging out in my corner of the internet for a while, I know that you’ve HEARD those words before, but I also know that they can be super confusing if you haven’t had a chance to really learn about what they mean and how to actually PRACTICE them in real life. So today, I brought on an EXPERT across all three of those things, and she’s going to explain them all and teach us how to apply them in our own lives– sound good?! This week, we’re hanging out with Alyse Brautigam, who is the founder of Raw Alignment – a platform focused on empowerment and self-love…


Review of the Week: @KT_Cart – Great Motivation (5 Stars) “Someone who has recently decided to make changes in my life, I am constantly in need of inspiration/motivation to stay on track. This is a great podcast for that! It addressed some issues that I have had as well as some of the goals that I have. I have really appreciated how she stays on topic even with anecdotes and advice it always comes back to the topic at hand. This podcast goes beyond just physical health and fitness, but also mental. I am excited to keep listening!

PE Science: Marie’s ‘Team’ of ‘Supplement Superheroes’  (4:23)

Who is Alyse & What is Raw Alignment (7:19)

From rock-bottom to rock-solid (9:05)

Alyse’s first big shift (11:10)

Going within to get clear (12:41)

Why it’s difficult to get clear on our visions, and what’s wrong with norms (13:57)

Feeling tension to follow your heart (16:16)

“We don’t need the approval of anyone else in order to pursue our dreams” (17:41)

Having and holding a vision for what’s next (20:35)

What is an abundance mindset (21:56)

Setting affirmations to say every day “Life is easier and more fun with an abundance of money” (22:54)

“I’m worthy of living in abundance” (23:33)

Lack mindset vs abundance mindset (24:39)

Alyse’s minimalist mindset; “cutting out the clutter in every shape and form” (26:05)

“I stopped feeling like I had to prove anything to anyone, and started living on my own terms for the first time in my life” (27:44)

“Social media is literally designed for us to compare our lives to other people” (29:20)

Alyse’s steps to minimalism through decluttering and (31:15)

“To me, manifestation is really feeling and believing in what I want to attract into my life” (33:20)

The energy in manifestation (34:53)

Act as if it has already happened, “in a way, it takes a little bit of work and intention” (37:17)

Ebbing and flowing with journaling through different states of need (37:50)


We’re constantly manifesting (40:32)

“..shifting focus from what’s going on in life, to be being in a daydream state to what I want to happen in life” (40:40)

How to get clear on life, to manifest (45:08)

“Let yourself daydream without having any limiting beliefs holding you back” (45:22)

What to do with limiting beliefs (46:20)

Time spent dreaming big; present and future over past (47:44)

“I will never be presently living my dream life if I’m constantly wanting more, and not happy with what I have” (49:03)

The Raw Alignment Tribe (50:58)

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