Can you BELIEVE we’ve got just DAYS left of 2018?!? It feels like this year went by in a blink, but at the same time I experienced SO MUCH and have tons of lessons to show for it. Of course, you know that I’m always super open and honest about my wins and struggles, so today we’re gonna talk about 18 lessons I’ve learned during 2018, and odds are, you’re REALLY gonna relate to at least a few of them.

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1. “Your environment is everything…” (5:35)

2. “Constantly seek discomfort…” (9:00)

3. “Time spent learning is never wasted…” (11:30)

4. “Play isn’t optional…” (13:40)

5. “It’s not that serious…” (16:35)

6. “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no…” (17:57)

7. “Asking for help isn’t weak…” (18:59)

8. “Building walls keeps bad things, and good things out…” (21:45)

9. “Pets are the key to daily joy…” (24:12)

10. “It’s okay to hit UNFOLLOW…” (26:25)

11. “‘NO’ is a complete sentence…” (28:00)

12. “Self Compassion will always beat self criticism…” (30:15)

13. “You overestimate what you can do in a week, and underestimate what you can do in a year…” (32:50)

14. “Done is better than perfect… ” (34:50)

“The enemy of success is perfection…” (35:15)

15 “Real recognize real…” (36:50)

16. “Daily rituals are the difference between a good life and a great life…” (38:40)

17. “Staying true to yourself is the only way to attract the right people, attract the right circumstances, and attract the right lessons… ” (40:27)

18. “When in doubt, practice gratitude…” (42:51)

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