If you’re someone who has struggled to stick with a healthy lifestyle before, then guess what? You’re in great company!! Maybe you’ve tried a million different diets and none of them last… or maybe you keep trying to get a workout routine going and it’s just NOT happening. Maybe you’re stuck in this cycle of feeling guilty about what you ate or the workouts you didn’t end up doing… so commit to yet another strict plan and SWEAR that this time is it… until it’s not. If so, then this episode is for you, and you’re SO not alone, girl. This week’s guest, Lynette Hoyle, is a fitness coach who specializes in helping her clients create a sustainable lifestyle that gets them results, but ALSO lets them eat nachos. Her philosophy with fitness centers around a flexible approach to nutrition and exercise that creates realistic, sustainable changes that help her clients lose weight and KEEP it off. After struggling with finding her own balance with fitness and nutrition, Lynette finally found a solution to END yoyo dieting, hours of cardio, and soul-sucking guilt and now her passion is to help other women do the same. She’s sharing all of her wisdom with us today, and I’m so thankful for the work she’s doing in the fitness industry! You know that I’m always preaching the importance of balance and sustainability, and Lynette does such a great job of making that tangible and actionable in this episode.


Review of the week – @K Tyler: “Great Quality (5 Stars) I began following Marie on Instagram back in 2013 when I was 14, and have always loved the information she provides and clear passion she shares it with. Steps in her path/journey throughout that time definitely had part in inspiring some positive changes in my life that led to me achieving my own goals. I think it’s insanely cool how this podcast now exists and she’s dedicating her time to sharing information that can help empower others. I recently listened to the podcast for the first time, but it’s high quality and worthwhile just like all her other social media platforms. I think you’ll be grateful that you listened. (2:27)

Marie’s ride-or-die supplement company (4:25)

Who is Lynette (7:10)

How Lynette’s approach to fitness and balance has changed over time  (9:10)

“We are not our body, we are not the food that we eat, we are not how fit we are, we are really not even our work ethic…” (11:05)

“I knew that I had to change something about the way that I was approaching nutrition…” (11:40)

Making compromises with yourself to practice the middle ground  (14:50)

Short term pleasure versus long term wins (16:40)

Client success through a flexible approach (19:25)

Playing the long game for results (23:05)

Food freedom for Lynette (26:21)

Advice for relaxing and balancing the holiday season (27:25)

Starting your goals during challenging times (32:10)

Coaching with flexibility (33:30)

“It’s not so much about having rules, it’s about having guidelines for yourself” (34:07)

Daily guidelines for self care and success (36:47)

Your word should be sacred to yourself (39:22)

The difference between not setting the right goals, versus failing to keep promises to yourself (40:13)

“If your ‘why’ is not strong, your plan will always fail” (40:18)

Visualization of your best self (42:10)

Navigating the comparison trap (44:15)

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