This week we are turning the lights ON and getting real about sex! Our guest, Devon Day Moretti, is a women’s health and fitness coach that focuses on confidence and self-love, and one of the BIG topics she focuses on with her clients and her content is sex. She encourages women to start having sex with the lights on and feel empowered in the bedroom. Whether we’re talking openly about it or not, I think SO many women struggle with this aspect of their confidence and self-love, so I’m really excited for you to hear from Devon today and I know that you’re gonna grow a TON just by hearing her story and the actionable steps she’s sharing with us.


Review of the Week: @samkay13 (5 stars) – “I cannot begin to explain how real, raw, and relatable this podcast is for any girl who has endured the mental and emotional consequences that accompanies periods of extreme dieting. This podcast provides genuine and practical health advice, allows you to see that persevering extremes is not a productive way to achieve your health goals, and opens you up to the idea that you are made up of more than just your body. It is enlightening, and I highly recommend it to every girl seeking balance and sustainability in regards to their health.” (2:44)

Primally Pure vs Conventional Deodorant (4:30)

Who is Devon Day? (7:57)

Idolizing unrealistic body types (9:30)

Food as a form of fuel and nourishment (12:10)

Empowering yourself with your experiences (13:37)

What’s keeping us trapped in our lack of confidence and self-acceptance (14:55)

The stories we tell ourselves (15:25)

Bringing awareness to self-limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs (15:40)

“You don’t have to take these stories to heart, and you don’t have to let them hold power over you” … “You have the power to re-write the script” (17:05)

Thoughts are just thoughts (17:46)

“Find where your insecurity is coming from, unpack the belief, and shift the narrative” (20:20)

“How boring would it be if we all looked the same?” (21:50)

“Nobody laughs the same as us, or smiles the same as us…” (22:09)

The Jealousy Cycle / Comparison Game  (23:10)

The difference between admiration and jealousy (24:10)

Sex With the Lights On (25:17)

“So many of us let our insecurities be our identity; you have insecurities, but you aren’t your insecurities” (26:55)

“We are conditioned to feel insecure about our insecurities” (28:16)

Porn – why we should NOT use it as a too to learn about sex  (30:25)

Let’s Talk about sex (32:55)

“We all have that inner mean girl…” (33:10)

Normalizing our bodies (34:10)

Silencing the noise; – being aware of our thoughts through meditation (34:40)

Roles – addressing and challenging stereotypes (36:55)

Communicating with our partners (38:10)

“Vulnerability helps us connect with people even deeper…”

Directing and validating others (40:38)

Vulnerability gets easier over time (42:36)

“Sex doesn’t always flow so seamlessly” (44:48)

Where to find Devon’s Guide, Sex With the Lights On (45:45)

One thing Devon is currently grinding for & grateful for (46:20)

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