With it being mid January right now, New Year’s resolutions are either going strong, or starting to fizzle out no matter how GOOD our intentions were. The other day, I was reading an article about New Year’s resolutions and they had polled over a 1000 people… among that sample, almost HALF of them had diet resolutions, with the top approaches being low carb, basic calorie restriction (which could include just eating healthier), keto, and low-fat. As a wellness coach, I DEFINITELY have my own opinions about all of those approaches, cough cough especially keto, but I wanted to bring on someone even more specialized to chat about diets, nutrition, and how they fit into a healthy lifestyle this week, so I brought on a registered dietitian, and WNBF bikini pro, Kara Corey! Kara really specializes in providing science-based, accurate nutrition information for the fitness community, and she does so through her YouTube channel, Kara Corey Fit Life, where she has a dietitian talk series, documents her competition preps, and shares tons of healthy recipes and lifestyle tips. She has over 100k subscribers, and for good reason, because Kara truly knows her stuff! So in this interview, Kara and I covered a TON of topics, but the standouts to me were: breaking down where to start if you’re overwhelmed with nutrition, how to make healthy eating a truly enjoyable lifestyle, and how we can pursue physical health AND mental health at the same time.

Review of the week: @KarrahV (5 Stars) – “Not Your Typical Health/Fitness Podcast, I have been following Marie for a couple years now and have seen her go through her fitness journey. I love that she has brought her own personal experiences and lessons into this podcast! I think that is what separates this podcast from the other fitness/health podcasts. She has also introduced me to so many new people to follow and learn from by interviewing them. If you are looking for a podcast that will give you fitness, wellness, health, motivation, and inspiration as well as some gratitude then you have found the right one. Take a listen and you won’t be disappointed!”

Marie’s #1 supplement company (4:50)

Who is Kara  (7:20)

Why Kara chose the Registered Dietitian path, and what makes it unique (9:46)

Online coaching (13:00)

YouTube & Kara’s Dietician Talks (14:45)

How to navigate diets and find what’s best for you  (19:20)

Habits – Kara’s strategies for making new ones & breaking bad ones (25:01)

The problem with negative self talk or negative motivation (29:38)

Fear & food choices (31:20)

Finding what food is or isn’t working for your body (37:40)

Bloating (38:17)

Taking cues from your body (39:50)

Kara’s “Quick Fix” diet issues (43:10)

Mental health and the impact of nutrition (46:40)

Omega 3’s, vitamins, nutrients (48:30)

Kara’s 3 BIG THINGS to be healthier (52:35)

What Kara is currently grinding for & grateful for (3:10)

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