If you’re anything like me, your Instagram feed is full of perfectly arranged smoothie bowls, beautiful, rainbow salads with avocado art on top, super intense adaptogenic concoctions with all sorts of superfoods, mushrooms, and who knows what else, from wellness influencers who make it look so effortless and EASY. Being a content creator and influencer myself, I should KNOW better than to take all of that stuff at face value, but the truth is, I STILL struggle with comparing myself with other influencers because it seems like they have it all together, all the time. THANKFULLY, there are women like today’s guest, Gracie Gordon of Hungry Blonde, who are SUPER real and honest about what “real life wellness” looks like behind the scenes of the perfectly curated content that we usually see. Gracie’s approach to food and wellness is super honest, approachable, and refreshing, and I know that you’ll love her message as much as I do! I can’t wait for you to hear from her! We chatted all about: – Her experiences living in New York City and how she stays grounded in the city that never sleeps – Simple and actionable steps to reset and recharge when overwhelm hits hard – Building a healthier relationship with food and exercise – How she’s carved out her own definition of “real life wellness” and how YOU can do the same + all sorts of eye-opening nuggets of wellness wisdom that will instantly make you feel like you really CAN do this whole wellness lifestyle thing.

Review of the week:  @rachelbethlin – Finally someone curating a podcast for women’s emotional and physical health! (5 stars) “What I love so much about the grind and be grateful podcast is that the topics are not status like so many others I have attempted to listen to. I love how Marie curates each episode to be something relevant and necessary that can actually add value to my life. (I LOVED the most recent one on hormonal BCP’s and hormone health in general.) Educational, empowering, and inspiring. (2:54)

Marie’s favorite skincare company (4:28)

Who is the Hungry Blonde (7:22)

“Real life wellness; brining my love for wellness into my love for food, and how that looks in real life!” (8:26)

What Gracie loves about New York City (9:36)

Finding balance (12:18)

“Balance. It’s kind of an art form of sorts, and requires being intentional every day” (12:20)

“It’s okay, life has it’s ups and downs and I’ll eventually get back to the center!” (14:09)

Gracie’s favorite outlet – journaling (14:33)

Morning routines (16:20)

Gracie’s grounding techniques (18:41)

Looking at you To-Do list more intuitively (22:18)

Gracie’s beginning of blogging (24:13)

Food freedom (28:36)

Addicted to diets (34:16)

What food freedom feels like in Gracie’s life (36:17)

Dining out & living life at social gatherings (40:02)

Can self-love coexist with having fitness and wellness goals (41:37)

“We live in a society that is so all or nothing” (42:01)

“It’s the best feeling to finish a workout and NOT know the number of calories I burned” (44:08)

How Gracie lost weight without trying to (44:57)

Trust your body; it wants that balance (46:34)

Resources that helped Gracie find a more intuitive lifestyle (47:16)

“Knowing yourself mentally, emotionally and physically–really knowing yourself on that wholistic level–really is the first step” (50:48)

What’s backwards about our diet culture (53:28)

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