You’re listening to episode number 35 of the grind and be grateful podcast, and today it’s just you and me! I’m going to take you guys through my 8 pillars of total confidence and wellness and I’m SO excited for it because unlocking these 8 things is truly just life-changing for anyone that commits to it. And for a little background as to how these came about, a while back, I was looking for a framework or curriculum to take my coaching clients through that would help them integrate MENTAL transformation into their health + fitness journeys, because simply giving them workouts, a nutrition plan, and answering their questions wasn’t ENOUGH, it wasn’t giving the life-changing transformations that I knew I could help them create. Basically, I couldn’t find anything that made sense for my coaching philosophy and what I knew would be the most transformative… so I created my own, and over time I edited it, refined it, and eventually it became what I call the 8 Pillars of Total Confidence + Wellness. There are 8 pillars and each one helps you create… you guessed it– total confidence and wellness in your life in a BALANCED and sustainable way. And one of the best things about this framework is that even though it’s the same tools and overall end goal for everyone, it will LOOK different for everyone.

Been there, felt that… (3:16)

What is the MOVE NOURISH SHINE Collective? (5:10)

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Pillar #1 – Honor your body through movement and nourishment (9:16)

Extremes never last (10:20)

“Focus more on building the new, rather than fighting the old” (10:47)

Pillar #2 – Creating powerful mindset shifts to spark transformation (11:26)

Mindset – why it must also constantly evolve during the process to support the changes that are happening (12:17)

Mindset & the gap between those who maintain their results vs those who don’t (12:40)

Pillar #3 – Getting support and accountability from experts and community (13:16)

“I’m a big believer that everyone is better with a coach, including coaches” (12:25)

“As humans we are really good at finding the path of least resistance; we will always find the easy way out, and a way to justify it…” (14:09)

Why having communities helps your success (15:55)

Action Step 1 – Finding a coach & the importance of the coach/client relationship (17:03)

Action Step 2 – Seek out community (17:36)

Pillar #4 – Defining your goals and a clear path for reaching them (19:20)

“All too often I see women setting goals from a place of self hate, or feeling like they have to fix themselves–any time you use that kind of negative motivation that stems from guilt, shame, or hate–no matter how much progress you make it will never bring you the fulfillment you are looking for.” (19:56)

“You can’t get a positive result from a negatively fueled process” (21:00)

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” (22:04)

Why you have to ‘go’ and just start (22:18)

Pillar #5 – Living authentically and without fear / with bravery  (23:11)

Let go, to live your most authentic self (24:23)

Action Step 1 – Identify and become aware of the stories you tell yourself and the beliefs that are keeping yourself small (25:20)

Pillar #6 – Creating your own definition of balance that aligns with your priorities (26:09)

“If you take the definition of balance, you’ll be trying to devote equal time and energy to every single thing in your life — but that’s not going to feel balance to the vast majority — if you’re dedicating the same time and energy to your job as you dedicate to grocery shopping, you’re not going to feel balanced!” (26:14)

“It’s more about the feeling of balance, rather than the definition of balance” (26:57)

Step 1 – Figure out what your honest priorities are (27:04)

Step 2 – Start making changes to hold yourself to your priorities + boundaries (27:22)

“Balance is actually creating and protecting boundaries that are going to make you feel the most fulfilled and in alignment with your priorities” (27:46)

Pillar #7 – Mastering the principles of fitness and nutrition so that you can focus on everything else (28:10)

Freeing up your head space (28:40)

“Your food and your workouts should not be your biggest concerns in your day; fitness and nutrition should make your life better, not more stressful” (29:23)

Pillar #8 – Uncovering and strengthening identify and self worth (30:47)

“Get to know yourself truly and fully, and then stand up for that truth and live from a place of deep rooted self worth” (30:55)

Create more self awareness and uncovering your true identity (31:46)

“None of those are actually identities; they are descriptions of how I can describe what I do, but it’s not who I am” (32:15)

Self worth (32:42)

Let’s take a breath  (33:35)

When it feels overwhelming, take it day-by-day (34:19)

Marie’s 8 Pillars to Confidence – recap (35:02)

#LiveYourBestLife with Marie’s mentorship program (36:40)

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