You guys hear my guests and me talk about MINDSET alllll of the time, but I know that it’s one of those tricky topics that can be hard to take action on and actually APPLY to your life. There’s just SO MUCH information, so much content, and so many opinions out there and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So this week I wanted to make mindset really TANGIBLE and ACTIONABLE for you when it comes to HEALTH + FITNESS. Because you can have the absolute perfect plan for your goals and still not see results if your headspace isn’t where it needs to be, right? Self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, lack of self-awareness, emotional breakdowns… the list goes ON, but basically my point is that making progress in health and fitness is way more MENTAL than people realize. I have JUST the girl to talk about this stuff– one of my best friends, Caryn Paolini. Caryn is absolutely AMAZING at combining psychology and health and fitness because she actually has a psychology degree, used to work in psychology and now she is a women’s health and fitness coach, much like myself. So in this episode, her and I really dig into what sort of mindset shifts need to happen for you to reach your goals and HOW to make them, the psychology behind building good habits and getting rid of bad ones, and how to get yourself out of a FUNK, no matter how down you feel. I know you’re going to learn a TON from Caryn and leave this episode feeling really empowered and ready to level up mentally. 

Review of the week: @kassadynadine (5 stars) – “I’ve been following Marie for a few months now and I have never been more motivated to become everything I’ve ever waned to be! Marie really tells you everything you want to and NEED to hear to change your life! Her podcast is in a category all by itself, there truly is nothing else like it! (2:40)

Marie’s love for PE Science “…energy, skin, gut health and bloating” (5:35)

WHO is Caryn Paolini (6:15)

Caryn’s fitness journey + competition history (10:15)

Competing 101 (13:50)

Reconditioning from placing self-worth in the way you look (15:10)

“For once in my life I don’t feel like I need to change my body; and it’s such a freeing feeling!” (16:40)

Identity crisis post-stage (17:08)

“I stepped off stage and felt a little lost; there were days where I felt like I was going through an identity crisis…” (17:35)

“Is there a healthy way to prep and compete? Perhaps, but what I did, 27 shows in 5 years… that intensity… it’s not healthy…” (17:44)

Inflammation (18:23)

Caryn’s experience with depression (19:01)

“It felt like I was in a dark room with a broken light switch; I couldn’t turn that light on” (19:50)

Rebuilding an identity outside of competing (21:20)

“It is okay for the things that fulfill us to shift and to change, and actually that they should…” (21:55)

Marie’s run-down on PE Science supplements for a healthy foundation (23:10)

“Every product is clinically dosed and tested for purity before it even makes it to you..” (25:20)

We get to choose our identity and the stories we tell ourselves (25:43)

The stories and limiting beliefs Caryn had to overcome (26:10)

“My gifts are in my heart… and that can happen in any body, in any shape, and any weight” (27:00)

“If you want to build your confidence; make three commitments to yourself every day, not matter how small, and followthrough with it” (28:00)

“Show yourself grace..” (28:10)

“My confidence has nothing to do with the way I look, it has everything to do with how I show up for myself.” (28:39)

Tangible ways to build confidence in yourself – “I become a more powerful giver when I make sure that I’m giving to myself first” …”Staying in alignment with your need and your desires, and honoring them regardless of what that looks like to other people. (30:50)

What a confident person looks like other than walking into a room and looking like you own the place (32:30)

“Confidence can have a different meaning for everybody; for me, it means that people can feel your energy” (33:01)

What do people do to SABOTAGE or kill their confidence? (34:20)

The negative implications of social media on self worth (34:40)

Reflection and customization through your explore page (39:25)

“I am 20 pounds heavier than I ever was on stage, and I am more confident than I have ever been” (42:10)

Habits that help cultivate confidence, and one’s which deter us (42:57)

“Having a SOLID morning routine…” (43:25)

“If you say you don’t have time to meditate.. meditate more!” (44:20)

Celebrating + acknowledging wins (48:16)

Balancing self-worth + confidence in mindset + body goals (51:01)

“All restriction ever leads to is destruction… once we crate that mindset around balance and sustainability.. the physical changes come as a result of that! It’s going to start from the inside out…” (52:01)

How to become Caryn’s BFF (52:30)

One thing Caryn is grinding towards, one thing Caryn is grateful for (53:40)