I know you’ve heard the term “self-care” about a million times in the last year, but I’m super excited to give you a FRESH perspective and share some really actionable insights on self-care and hormone health with you guys today! I sat down with Dr. Mariza Snyder to talk all thing self-care, and she is a functional practitioner and the author of six books, with her newest one being The Essential Oils Hormone Solution, which is all about balancing hormones with the power of essential oils. I’ll be honest, I was pretty skeptical about essential oils before this interview. I’ve used them around my house in diffusers but I really just thought that they smelled good and anything beyond that was a placebo effect. BOY WAS I WRONG– there is SO much to learn about essentials oils and it’s a different area of wellness that I’m now exploring because of everything Dr. Mariza shares in this episode. She is a TOTAL expert in her field and it’s so cool to have her on the show because she has lectured at wellness centers, conferences, and corporations on hormone health, essential oils, nutrition, and detoxification. She has been featured on Dr. Oz, Fox News Health, MindBodyGreen and many publications, so it’s definitely an honor to get her on The Grind & Be Grateful podcast now as well. She also has her own show, the Essentially You Podcast, designed to empower women to become the CEO of their health. I can’t wait for you to hear all of the knowledge and recommendations she has for you guys around self-care, hormone health, and essential oils– this episode is definitely an eye-opening one! 

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Dr. Mariza’s journey to essential oils + women’s health (6:50)

What are viruses + how do essential oils defend against them? (10:10)

How Dr. Mariza introduced essential oils into her life + practice (11:10)

Women, stress, + exposure to fake Estrogens (11:40)

“So I was looking around at my house and I saw that all of my cleaners were toxic cleaners; I had spent so much time putting organic food into my body, yet we were using all of these over the counter medications, I had my favorite lotion that had a bunch of toxic chemicals and fragrances in it!” (12:00)

“We switched out things like Tums, Aspirins and pain relievers for oils! You can do the medicine cabinet test; it’s just oils.” (12:50)

“That was a really big thing for me; changing the landscape of our home, creating a non-toxic environment, it literally set my soul on fire because I knew so many moms and families wanted the same…” (13:05)

How Dr. Mariza incorporated self care into her healing process (13:50)

“I truly believe, in my heart of hearts, that nothing punctuates self-care like essential oils..” (14:01)

“So often, we are told or have this feeling that our healing journey is meant to be painful, have anguish in it and meant to be a struggle; and when oils came into my life everything changed.” (14:06)

“You can’t green-smoothie your way out of chronic stress! You have to change your operating system, or you end up right back where you started.” (14:40)

“Self-care came into my life when I finally changed the belief that I actually deserved it. I had this underlying belief that my worth was predicated on how much I people pleased, how much I did for others. ‘I’ was never on the list. I was always told that everyone else came first!” (15:30)

“I remember calling my gym time my ‘selfish hour’, because that’s how disempowered I was in my own health care!” (15:50)

The beauty of the ‘pause’ in self-care (16:40)

The struggle of leaning into self-care (17:20)

“WHOSE permission are we waiting for? Whose permission am I waiting for to decide that I’m loved enough, or I deserve enough to take care of myself?” (19:40)

“I felt the positive repercussions of me taking care of me; I can live in this true potential of serving people when I actually take care of myself!” (20:10)

Integrating self-care beyond ‘damage control’ before hitting a wall (21:10)

Morning rituals; setting the tone for how you want YOUR day to be (22:10)

Morning routines to consider including; flexibility + consistency (23:40)

Effect of oils on the brain + body (26:20)

SKINCARE CHAT ft. TULA – 20% off CODE: MARIE (29:07)

ALL the ways to use essential oils (31:30)

Aromatherapy (35:25)

Breathing essential oils (34:12)

Topical oils (34:50)

Allergies (35:01)

Internal (36:01)

Debunking the fear, myths, and concerns around oils (38:40)

Essential oils + hormones (39:00)

“So often, doctors don’t tell us why our hormones aren’t working correctly” (39:12)

Low libido + essential oils (42:01)

“You can’t just throw some oil on and get your libido back! It’s really about using them to change your stress levels, to shift the way that you’re feeling.” (41:59)

Night time oils for an evening wind down + good sleep (45:40)

WHERE + HOW to find and source your oils (50:30)

Dr. Mariza’s book: “The Essential Oils and Natural Solutions for Women”  

Dr. Mariza’s CHEAT SHEET for Cravings, Stress, & Energy: drmariza.com/cravings

One thing Dr. Mariza is grinding for + grateful for (53:45)

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