I am SO excited to have today’s guest here to share her light with us– Jenay Rose, aka @NamasteJenay! Jenay quit her “successful” corporate job, and followed her heart to become a self-made soulpreneur. Self-doubt, horribly convincing inner criticism, and attempting to please everyone else but herself– these are all things that today’s Transformational Life Coach and self-empowerment expert turned her back on, before catapulting herself inward for a journey of self development to her life’s purpose. Jenay guides and supports other young women to step out of their fear and into their power– through Instagram, speaking on countless panels about self love, and guiding women through her signature intimate 6 week coaching program, we’ll be getting real and raw about all things empowerment, healing, and mindset, today! Be prepared to release what’s not serving you and elevate your state of being wholly and completely.

Review of the week – @Nina🐹: Oh So grateful for Marie and this podcast (5 stars) “I’m an avid seeker of new podcasts to listen to for growth, advice, laughter courage and all the good things that speak to my heart and the grind & be grateful podcast is all encompassing to all the above! I cannot express how happy I am to have found this podcast and how much it truly speaks to what’s on my heart episode after episode I listen to! Marie is such a genuine soul with amazing intentions and such an aspiring person whose content truly is empowering and thought provoking. Thank you for all that you do and I’m so excited to continue to see what’s next and grow through your leadership!! (2:30)

Marie’s favorite skincare company #SelfCare – Tula.com (Code: MARIE for 20% off)(4:39)

WHO was Jenay Rose before Namaste Jenay (6:08)

What yoga + meditation did for Jenay (8:36)

“As you teach you learn, and as you learn you teach; we are reflections of our students and our students are reflections of us” (9:16)

“You really only have to be 5 steps ahead; we are all 5 steps ahead of someone else, so we can all provide service and serve” (10:20)

Jenay’s 3 main pillars:

  1. Mindset (11:44)
  2. Empowerment (12:01)
  3. Emotional intelligence (12:16)

WHY fear is such a strong emotion and why it holds us back (13:12)

“Fear as false evidence as appearing real…” (13:18)

HOW we layer fear ON, and how we can layer fear OFF (15:10)

Subconscious mind + ego (15:26)

“Ask yourself, isn’t that interesting? You don’t have to get wrapped up in the emotions; it’s not the enemy, it’s that it feels bad when we are experiencing the emotion.” (18:39)

We are addicted to judgement… (19:35)

WHY are we addicted to judgement? (20:12)

Judging others (22:22)

“The main cause of suffering in this world, is separation; everyone can relate to everyone on some level.” (22:28)

WHAT are limiting beliefs (24:22)

The first step on waking up to our truth (26:44)

“Awareness is a muscle, mindfulness is a muscle, self love is a muscle, confidence is a muscle; you have to use them, or you lose them” (29:20)

[Self-care break w/ Tula] (29:39)

Re-write limiting beliefs through stories (31:36)

Repetition, to shift our mind + reality (33:27)

“The mind is meant to be used as a tool; it is not meant to have free range over your life” (34:25)

Get woke for abundance; it’s on us (36:15)

If you’re not leveling up for yourself, level up for them (38:05)

Emotional stamina without burning out (39:03)

“It’s about sharing from the love, and saying THIS is here for you come grab it; rather operating from a place of fear” (40:05)

The cycle (42:01)

“It becomes part of our identity; we get scared to feel good” (43:40)

“Is this where I want to be 5 years from now?” (45:50)

Jenay’s 3-steps-to-miracles process (47:54)

  1. Ask for a miracle
  2. Be willing to see the situation differently
  3. Receive with gratitude, repeat.

“The universe makes no mistakes; it’s all in a really beautiful, magical order” (50:08)

Yoga for the spirit + a healing modality (51:20)

Yoga – how to START (55:27)

1 last question… (57:01)

Jenay’s Group Coaching program (58:05)

What Jenay is grinding for + grateful for (59:50)