Topics like setting fitness goals from a place of love… daily habits for balance… avoiding extremes… all of those sound familiar if you’ve been a part of my tribe for a while now, but I’m excited to really dive deep into each one and bring you some new insights across the board! I know that each of those topics can be tricky, because there’s no one RIGHT way to achieve balance or love yourself, and that can be frustrating. I totally get it. BUT one thing that always helps is to hear from other women who have mastered those things for themselves and how THEY did it, so today, I brought on your favorite Aussie and lawyer turned health coach, Georgie Stevenson– we’re unpacking how she went from low-energy, unhappy, and increasingly self-conscious, to feeling not only the healthiest she has ever been, but also the happiest, strongest and fittest. Georgie has made it her mission to save others the time and trial of mistakes made on their own journeys, and she is all about ‘health, without the obsession’, which you know I’m 100% on board with! You’ll hear all sorts of amazing insights from here like how she balanced her hormones, transitioned to eating intuitively, healed her body image, and her advice for anyone starting out or feeling stuck in their own health and fitness journey. I know you’re gonna LOVE this one! 

Review of the week – @danielpatrick: “one thing I’m hugely grateful for” (5 stars) “As Marie always asks her guests, one thing that I AM currently grateful for is finding this podcast. I have a newfound appreciation and understanding for self love and care, and this podcast hits the import pieces from all angles. Thank you Marie and guests for all of the inspiring words and life advice!

Marie’s fav supplement brand… (4:10)

Three of the hardest health + fitness lessons Georgie has had to learn (6:40)

  1. More isn’t always better (ie: “less food, more exercise”)
  2. Fat loss does NOT always = healthy + happy
  3. You need to do the inner work before (or at the same time as!) you do the outerwork

WHO is Georgie Stevenson (7:40)

“On the outside you would have thought I was #health!” (9:40)

“I was under eating and overtraining to the point where I was getting this whole host of symptoms including adult acne, hormone imbalances, digestion issues, I had really bad mood swings, and I had lost my period, too…” (9:58)

Working with professionals & doing the mental work (11:01)

Passion behind ‘health without obsession’ (13:58)

Choosing the healthy & sustainable way (15:10)

Intuitive eating – Georgie’s “2 cans” of people (18:17)

“Effortless” vs “SO difficult” (19:50)

Georgie’s greatest mindset shifts for her greatest transition (20:35)

Adding food + reducing cardio (21:09)

“What we look like does not define us. (23:17)
“…I had to shift my focus; I started focussing on how much I could lift instead of how much I weighed on the scale.” (23:25)

Trusting the process of realization (24:25)

How happiness + dynamics changed, when Georgie’s priorities changed (25:35)

Finding balance through straightened priorities (27:05)

How Georgie’s training has changed through hormone balancing, to ‘fitness cruise control’ (32:07)

“I want to finish my workout and feel happy from the endorphins, and alive!” (33:40)

“I’ve really established that what I want from my workout is to feel good, feel happy, and to feel like I’ve moved my body, NOT like I’ve killed myself!” (34:02)

Work with your body, not against it (38:20)

Georgie’s morning-mindfulness practice (39:47)

  1. Goals
  2. Affirmations
  3. Gratitude list

“No one is me, and that is my power” (40:41)

Removing the ‘struggle’ from your health + fitness journey (44:01)

Stepping in to your power (44:41)

Mind over matter (45:46)

Giving yourself compassion with new habits (48:44)

“It’s okay NOT to be perfect, you are only human” (50:20)

Where to turn when starting a fitness journey (51:07)

Diet culture (54:01)

Switching to a place of love for your body (56:01)

“If you work with your body, instead of against it – it will be easier, you will feel better, it will be sustainable…” (56:30)

Georgie’s freshly launched PODCAST (57:40)

One thing Georgie is grinding for & hugely grateful for (58:30)