When was the last time you stood in front of your closet and were truly EXCITED to get dressed?! For most women, I feel like it’s more of a staring at all of your hangers for five minutes, try some stuff on, throw a pile of “no’s” onto your bed, and end up wearing the first outfit anyway, even though it was “meh” kind of situation. Does that sound familiar? Do you feel like you truly know and own your style, or do you wake up each morning, frustrated with what’s hanging in your closet/folded in your drawers? Either way, this episode is for you, girl! We’re dressing up confidence with Style Coach, Daniella Siebert of Fox & Bloom. 

She’s sharing her go-to strategies to reclaim your wardrobe and clothe yourself with confidence, strength, and fearless authenticity. Daniela shares the story behind Fox & Bloom, how you can conquer limiting beliefs within yourself and your style, how you can start dressing your body with kindness and respect, and how you can quit consuming and start curating. Today we’re losin’ the baggage, gaining confidence, and getting honest with the ‘labels’ we decide to put on each day!

Review of the week: @Ali93K “Pleasantly Surprised! (5 stars) – “To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this podcast… there are SO many personal development/fitness/etc. podcasts out there, I was worried this would be redundant with everything I’ve heard before. Wow, was I pleasantly surprised! Marie is like a breath of fresh air! She does touch on a lot of topics that have been talked about so many times before (money, alignment, etc.), but puts her own millennial, playful, and fresh spin on it. I put this podcast on in the am when I’m getting ready to get me pumped for the day ahead, or when I’m feeling kind of down- it’s amazing how her voice and the content immediately puts me in a better headspace Excited to see where some of her podcasts go!” (2:15)

Save your eyes! Klassy Network Blue Light Glasses (4:51)

WHO is Daniella + Fox & Bloom? (7:10)

Daniella’s relationship with style + fashion? (8:52)

I always thought that I would work for a fashion magazine, I can write and I can write about fashion; the more I thought about it I realized I’d rather take it where I had control over the story, I had control over the narrative, and I could help encourage and educate…” (9:30)

Body image in fashion (10:40)

Translating high-fashion onto a real persons body (11:40)

“Strong and real women are taking ownership of their appearance, but not letting it define them” (12:20)

“It can feel so superficial to talk about things like clothes. You have to figure out a way to not get on your soap box, or make people feel like all that matters is what you’re wearing; if you are able to confidently dress yourself, you can do all of those other ‘bigger, harder’ things that require confidence… you might ask for that promotion, ask someone on a date.. all of those things might start by just what you have on” (12:40)

“Often times ‘style’ is just a skill that you can learn, it’s not inaccessible” (15:01)

“Our clothes are so much more than what we put on our bodies; we have so many stories associated with our clothes, so many things that have happened that have shaped out bodies…” (16:01)

What Daniella asks clients to find their stories + limiting beliefs (17:20)

“All of these stories that have been built up over time, really effect what we wear” (19:01)

“The fitting room is a lawless place” (19:41)

Vanity-sizing (20:30)

Daniella’s Fitting room advice (21:20)

Sizing (22:40)

“If something doesn’t fit, it’s the CLOTHES; not everything is meant to fit and flatter everyone, it just can’t!” (24:10)

What Daniella’s Style Coaching process is like (24:35)

Feeling X in your clothes! (26:01)

Genres (26:40)

The danger of blue-light (28:40)

Clothing detox – yes, no, & try-on piles (31:17)

“If this were at the bottom of my laundry, would I even notice?” (32:10)

Three things women should always have (37:10)

Classics vs trends, trends vs fads (40:20)

Conquer your closet! (44:20)

Rapid fire questions (46:33)

One thing Daniella is grinding for & one thing Daniella is grateful for (56:13)

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