This week, I’m here (SOLO) to help you get unstuck and create massive change in your life! If you’re feeling unfulfilled, drained, frustrated, or like you have untapped potential that you just don’t know how to access, then this episode is for YOU, my friend. I know change can be scary, but after this, you will feel empowered and clear on how to create the change that you’re craving.

Imagine if… (00:50)

What if you never had to ‘start over’ on your health and fitness journey again… (2:20)

HOW you can make this ‘dream world’ a reality! (2:50)

For all you action-takers out there… snag this BONUS (3:12)

A little more about The Collective (4:06)

“It’s time to stop the cookie cutter bullshit” (4:43)

Build your own optimal lifestyle, and maintain it forever (5:55)

Ep 045 – FIVE things that will help create massive change in your life! (10:00)

Who these 5 things will help (12:40)

#1 – Seek discomfort on a very regular/daily basis (14:45)

“I had to seek it, agree to it, and follow through with it to have the growth and connections I’ve made” (15:25)

“Fear marks the spot; if you’re looking at a treasure map, wherever fear is.. that’s where the big red x is, that’s where you start digging!” (15:42)

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” (16:20)

Discomfort = growth. (16:47)

#2 – Make a game plan (18:30)

If you don’t have a (rough) plan, you don’t have any direction… you need somewhere to start! (18:40)

Stuck at point A… (19:15)

#3 – Identify & commit to a key stone habit (21:14)

Motivation fades, feeling fade; structure and habits hold you to your longterm goal (22:00)

What is a KEY STONE habit (22:30)

Marie’s number one key stone habit (23:04)

Highest Self Marie (24:50)

#4 – Change your environment (25:50)

“Your environment will always trump your will power” (26:00)

Why a bad environment stacks the odds against you (27:01)

Take ownership over your environment (27:22)

The Oreo example (27:37)

When to distance yourself (30:30)

#5 – Put yourself on the line (33:10)

Fear (33:37)

Create accountability (34:45)

Invest! (35:45)

Why people make a HUGE mistake saying ‘I can hold MYSELF accountable’ (38:55) (41:40)

“I am here to fight for your dreams, I am not here to let you fight for your excuses!” (41:50)