Quick question, friend: “What if instead of doing all of the things, jumping through all of the hoops, aiming at someone else’s targets, we focused our lives around doing what fills us up, what makes us feel more alive right now?!” Wise words from today’s guest, who is going to help us feel MORE ALIVE and more fulfilled than ever! We are so grateful to have Amber Lilyestrom on the show today, and she is a transformational branding strategist + business performance coach, writer, and speaker based in New Hampshire, and guys… you are going to LOVE her. 

Amber spent 10 years working in collegiate athletics marketing before launching her business; she was recognized as one of the top sports marketing professionals in the nation and left her corporate career after a near-death experience that served as the catalyst for her to transform her life from the inside out. She built a seven-figure business from home, homeschooled her daughter, and retired her husband from a (stress filled) eleven-year police career– I’m telling you, she creates her OWN rules. Creator of the Ignite Your Soul Summit and multiple life-changing online programs, Amber’s mission is to empower women to position themselves as sought-after experts and thought leaders through social media, engagement marketing and the creation of an online brand presence. 

If you’re ready to give up winning in achievement systems that don’t belong to you, old grooves, road-tested rules and people-pleasing patterns, this episode is for you! Get ready to design a life, career and ever-present state of being that feels like home, no matter where your feet land!

Review of the week: @ilovetwitteromg (3:55)


One mantra that helps Amber – “If the dream is in you, it’s for you” (7:55)

Amber’s story, starting with ‘little’ Amber (10:10)

Amber’s near-death experience (18:30)

“I quit my job!” (20:30)

“I help them come home to themselves, and to what’s real; we have to do the deep unpacking to understand why we are the way we are first, and then we can go create the thing that’s going to–yes help you make a lot of money–but most importantly, have a really big impact.” (21:03)

We can do it all, but it doesn’t mean we should (22:30)

“Life gives you a feather, then it gives you a brick…” (23:49)

“…if that’s the feeling we have when we’re going to die, then what the heck are we so afraid of while we’re alive?” (24:50)

HOW Amber helps women unlayer, and come home to themselves (26:19)

“It should feel embarrassing! That is going to get to the heartbeat of what’s really true for you!” (26:55)

“Identifying where those blocks are from” (29:20)

Who are you, what makes you tick, who do you serve, what impact do you make? (30:15)

Take action on YOUR lifestyle, happiness, healthiness & confidence (32:11)

Signs of hitting the sweet spot (34:01)

“The reason we want the things we want, or desire the things we desire, is because we believe it’s going to make our lives better” (34:20)

What makes me feel excited? (34:55)

Follow the bread crumbs… (35:10)

HOW Amber kept showing up for her vision WITHOUT having any proof, yet (36:30)

Amber’s nonnegotiables (41:05)

Going inward every day (44:01)

Meditation (45:30)

What does my soul need today? What do I need to hear today? (46:10)

“We are so invested in our perception of what other people think…” (49:50)

Where to find Amber! (51:28)

Amber’s fur babies (53:06)

1 thing Amber is grinding for, 1 thing Amber is grateful for (53:55)