This is a very special episode; We are sitting down with MY personal therapist Elyse Snipes, who is genuinely one of the most caring, brilliant, & encouraging women that I know! Elyse is a California based Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, life coach, podcaster and educator who is taking therapy OFF the couch and out in to the world (in her adorable VINTAGE trailer!). You may have heard of her Podcast, Trailercast, which is changing the narrative and expectations of what people THINK they know about the world of mental health.

We really went deep about:
– WHAT therapy is really like
– Common struggles and solutions for millennial women
– How to navigate anxiety and overwhelm, and how to take better care of yourself from the inside out

Plus something I never thought I would share on the podcast– some real-talk about the stuff that we’ve been working through in MY personal therapy sessions! 

Review of the week: @AshDoc6 – “Gratitude is the best Attitude” (3:15)

Marie’s fav skincare company – #SelfCare w/ Tula! (5:11)

Welcome, Elyse! (6:30)

WHO is Elyse & WHAT does she do? (7:10)

The way Elyse holds space for therapy (9:29)

“It’s not just crisis counseling! There’s a huge group people that just need to work on mindset, core belief, abundance.. that won’t go, because they’re afraid they’re going to be guilty by association.” (10:20)

How is going to therapy different than talking to a friend? (11:47)

“The point is to actively listen, actively reflect, and actively move people through the connection piece…” (12:17)

“I think the difference is, that if you haven’t been trained to understand ‘is this something so core, and so inside of you that you can’t find your way out..’ then your friends loving you, giving you advice, isn’t going to get you un-stuck.” (13:10)

Leading the way & Blind Spots (13:40)

WHO is a good contender for therapy? (14:50)

The millennial woman; highly motivated, intelligent, capable.. overriding the internal, emotional.. (17:20)

The surface level, ‘I’m okay’ (17:50)

Selective transparency; I want people to see who I WANT to be… (19:01)

Transparency (19:44)

This generation of loneliness (20:32)

Why if we crave connection, do we also escape it? (22:29)

Feeling not enough (25:50)

Gratitude is the fruit of the actual work (27:10)

Treat the wound > bandaids on bullet wounds (27:45)

The resistance to doing the work (28:28)

The best time to start something is RIGHT NOW; “or committing now, and getting the resources to start” (30:45)

Committing, why it works! (33:50)

TULA break! #SkinCare for #SelfCare (34:44)

The importance of connection w/ your therapist (37:28)

Shopping for your own therapist (38:00)

WHY relationships can be tricky for strong, ambitious, hustling women (41:20)

“It’s a huge relief to TRY ON A DIFFERENT HAT” (43:20)

Eneagram ‘Achievers’, #3 (44:40)

Objective ‘tough love’ from a piece of empowerment (46:15)

The power of therapy; emotionally reparative (48:45)

Where to find a therapist (50:35)

OVERWHELM & choice overload in Millennial Women (52:00)

Rapid fire Q&A! (55:35)

“You’re already good enough” (56:55)

ONE thing Elyse is grind for & one thing Elyse is grateful for (57:14)


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