Today’s guest is Jordan Lee Dooley, and I don’t know whether to say ‘down-to-earth’ or ‘relatable’ first when it comes to describing this Midwest girl turned international inspiration. This chat felt like a beautiful heart to heart with a friend mixed with a real-talk life coaching session and I know that you’re going to get SO MUCH out of Jordan’s stories and wisdom. 

This girl is a POWERHOUSE with a purpose, and she has so much incredible insight to share with us, like: 
– Why vulnerability is they key in overcoming brokenness
– How we can thrive when we choose to accept and move beyond our brokenness
– Navigating being multi-passionate without getting overwhelmed
– Getting out of the #girlboss comparison trap 
– Secrets of success as a type-A gal 

Jordan is passionate about helping women realize not to let their identity be shaped by mistakes, pain, or circumstances — and to instead be real, find self-awareness, and share raw emotions. If you’re seeking some real talk with a side of serious motivation, Jordan Lee goes IN during this episode with a pep talk that will help get you level up your whole-est self. You’re gonna love this one! 

Review of the week (3:53)

Protect your eyes from harmful blue light (6:02)

WHO Jordan is, WHAT she does, & her path to today (8:40)

“Being the ultimate student, performer, sorority girl…” (10:40)

Made-up expectations from our parents (11:01)

Creative outlets (12:17)

WHY Jordan’s Etsy shop was so important (13:30)

Storage closets to a full-blown career (15:17)

Keeping open hands (15:54)

Small town girls (17:06)

“You don’t have to play small to take small steps” (17:28)

Jordan’s WHY & living a purpose-filled life (20:52)

Allowing yourself to explore, to find the dream (23:30)

“The specific things we chase after are often avenues…” (23:40)

The dangers of labeling ourselves and staying in the box (27:05)

“We play in sandboxes when really we have the whole beach” (27:50)

Trying the ‘uncomfortable’ and having the freedom to make shifts (28:50)

WHY you do NOT have to be a #GirlBoss or #FancyPants to be successful (30:40)

The Move Nourish Shine Collective (33:50)

Focusing on recognition, or building relationships (37:33)

Look at your life as a tree; the root system vs the leaves & branches (39:40)

Jordan’s experience with the power of vulnerability (41:25)

“The difference between transparency and vulnerability” (41:50)

True vulnerability is accepting the help (45:10)

“It’s like trendy to be a hot mess now; we’ve got to be willing to embrace the reality, we can’t pretend that we somehow have it all together and project that image to the world…. There’s a difference between embracing and wallowing…” (46:37)

We live in a world of extremes; perfectionism or carelessness. How do you bring in disciplines, and also bring in not caring what others thing and remembering to relax? (48:39)

What keeps Jordan grounded? (49:54)

“It’s hard to find those people that can both give grace, and also call you out on your crap! It takes some time and it takes some energy to really grow those relationships; the wounds of a friend can be trusted, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.” (49:41)

Having mentors and friends to help your grow (50:50)

Are you operating in equilibrium? Or are you operating in extremes? (53:08)

Taking a breather (54:06)

Non-negotiables & boundaries (55:30)

Face your stuff (56:55)

Own Your Everyday – Jordan’s book! (57:44)

“What is it like to really embrace that ordinary, while still being willing to do the little things and make those decisions and disciplines to go after our drams, and do the crazy-wild things?” (58:14)

Find Jordan’s book at ANY major retail store!

One thing Jordan is grinding for, and one thing Jordan is grateful for (1:01:40)


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