I always knew that when I started this show, I would be in it for the long-haul, but of course we still have to celebrate this milestone! So this week we have a special episode that’s a super fun spin on a Q&A AND our special guest who is asking the questions is the show manager, KELSEY! Kelsey is my right hand woman when it comes to making this thing a success, and I can’t wait for you to meet her– she’s literally a ray of sunshine and I love her so much.

So the format for this episode is ‘73 Questions’ and 73 answers, from yours truly! Which is inspired by the Vogue Magazine ‘73 Questions’ series– which, I’m SORRY if I get you hooked on watching after this! But here’s the gist: 73 rapid-fire questions that can be asked and answered in under 10 minutes (if you’re Vogue, 50 if you’re us!) and, it’s only done in one take! 

I would LOVE to celebrate this milestone by giving you ALL a goodie bag and a hug if I could, but what I CAN do is hook two of our listeners up with a nice little trio of presents: a $50 gift card to TULA, a PEScience product of your choice, and a $20 Starbucks gift card, which unfortunately Starbucks is NOT a sponsor of this show… but I’m including it because who doesn’t love coffee, am I right?! 

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And while I don’t have a Starbucks discount code, you guys know that you can always save $$ on TULA skincare and PEScience supplements with code “MARIE”, right?? Okay great, just checking. 

BUT WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, let’s answers some questions!!! (6:19)

1. Best way to start your morning? (6:59)

2. What do you like to do on ‘days-off?’ (7:10)

3. Where does inspiration often strike for you? (7:40)

4. One of your biggest weaknesses? (8:04)

5. One of your biggest strengths? (8:10)

6. Current obsession? (8:29)

7. What do you love the MOST about Texas? (9:04)

8. The one thing you can never live without? (9:25)

9. HOW do you take your coffee? (9:30)

10. One insta friend (you’ve met in person, or not!) that you’d love to have a coffee with? (10:10)

11. What’s the best thing about having over 200k people who follow your life? (10:48)

12. What’s a hobby you plan on taking up? (11:33)

13. Biggest surprise you’ve ever received? (12:02)

14. Who is your fashion icon (12:55)

15. If you could have your own reality TV show, what would it be? (13:02)

16. It’s brunch – what do you ORDER? (13:53)

17. Favorite color? (14:24)

18. Insta or YouTube (14:41)

19. Ready, set… NAME A HARRY POTTER SPELL (15:04)

20. Best part about having pets? (15:38)

21. Worst part? (15:56)

22. What do you love on your pizza? (16:15)

23. What’s for dinner tonight? (16:30)

24. Best way to decompress? (16:45)

25. Swimming or sun bathing (with lots of SPF)? (17:04)

26. Window or isle seat? (17:41)

27. Most dangerous thing you’ve ever done in your life? (17:50)

28. Biggest learning experience you’ve ever had? (18:25)

29. Could you give 16-year-old-you one piece of advice PLEASE? (19:09)

30. Fav dessert? (19:50)

31. Fav restaurant in Austin? (20:15)

32. Best thing about having me on your team? (20:55)

33. Worst thing about having me on your team? (20:55)

34. If you had a tattoo where would it be? (21:29)

35. What’s your spirit animal? (21:50)

36. What’s your favorite holiday? (22:32)

37. Favorite season? (22:58)

38. Where does one go on THE perfect road trip? (23:13)

39. If you could switch lives with someone for a day who would it be? (23:43)

40. Last country you visited? (24:29)

41. Next country you want to visit? 24:40)

42. WHEN did you know you were in love? (25:04)

43. One superhero you would want to be for a day (25:45)

44. Who is the last person you texted? (26:09)

45. Diamonds or pearls? (26:15)

46. Blow-dry or air-dry? (26:39)

47. Yoga or spin class? (27:03)

48. If you could teach one subject in school what would it be? (27:40)

49. What is one thing you still have from your childhood? (28:20)

50. What is something you can’t do? (29:44)

51. What’s something that can make you laugh NO matter what? (30:22)

52. What does SUCCESS mean to you? (30:40)

53. Must have purse item? (31:33)

54. What is something you will ‘be, have, or DO’ in TEN years? (32:02)

55. What did you want to do with your life at age 12? (32:53)

56. What’s one life lesson you had to learn ‘the hard way’ (33:11)

57. What is one goal you are determined to achieve before 2020? (34:24)

58. Would you ever live anywhere besides Austin? (35:29)

59. What is a book you are can’t wait to read? (36:10)

60. Who was your favorite Disney princess? (36:42)

61. Favorite genre of music to listen to at the gym or barn? (37:11)

62. Salty or sweet? (38:20)

63. What is your current/go-to Netflix show? (38:57)

64. What color was your prom dress? (40:03)

65. In another life, what event would you go to the Olympics in? (41:05)

66. What is your favorite time of day? (42:23)

67. What’s the first things you notice about someone when you meet them? (42:37)

68. One thing you would say to someone who says “I’ll start tomorrow” (43:15)

69. Do-er or Think-er? (44:17)

70. Favorite new-healthy-habit you’ve added to your routine recently? (45:20)

71. Favorite college memories? (46:06)

72. Best advice your parents have ever given you? (46:32)

73. Can you guess what number question this is? (47:22)

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