In the wise words of today’s guest, what if I told you that being wealthy has 100% nothing to do with money? Today we are empowering YOU to redefine wealth and get off the hamster wheel of HUSTLE so that you can chase your unique purpose from a place of FREEDOM and intention. I got SO much wisdom from our guest, Patrice Washington, who is a number one best-selling author, captivating speaker and hope-restoring coach to women like you and me who not only want to do good work in the world, but also believe that they deserve to earn damn good money doing it… and if you don’t already feel that way (or don’t feel ok admitting that), then you WILL after today’s episode! We’re talking all about what it means to create REAL wealth, the untold pillars of wealth, and how millennial women can CHOOSE their own purpose and live life with intention, instead of perpetually just trying to “get by”. Are you ready for an insanely valuable episode?? I don’t know if you’re ready for all of the incredible wisdom you’re about to receive from Patrice… but let’s do this (:

Review of the Week – @VirtuallyNatalie: (3:07)

Patrice’s journey & defining moment (6:30)

Proverbs 17:16 “What good is money in the hands of the fool, if they have no desire to seek wisdom?” (9:02)

Information seeking, knowledge, & wisdom (10:14)

“I had spent my whole life chasing money, not in a bad way, but I was very ambitious…” (10:30)

Patrice’s unquenchable thirst to have more, be more, do more. (10:50)

You can make money, but what good is it if you don’t know how to maintain it? (11:02)

Bathroom floors to the blogs (11:42)

“If you know something, your’e supposed to share it!” (12:38)

Believing in the bounce-back, seeing it as a season (13:24)

“An audience of one is still an audience; If I can help one person, that’s what I’m committed to doing.” (14:10)

Chase purpose, not money (15:45)

People are so in a rush to monetize everything; our job is to uncover what the idea means in the ‘doing’.. what if you were just called to help ONE person in this season? They don’t need the perfect flawless version of you, they just need you to show up and give what you have. That’s it. (16:11)

Patrice’s definition of success (17:10)

Patrice’s definition of financial freedom (18:12)

“To me financial freedom is about being able to handle your needs and your wants with grace and ease.” (18:17)

Is it possible for everyone to experience financial freedom? (18:44)

It comes down to mindset (19:20)

Our stories, and our ability to write a new story, and change the ending (20:47)

“We don’t get what we want, we get what we believe.” (21:23)

Our attachments to visions & possibilities (22:18)

The ‘must be nice’ mindset, a spirit of comparison (22:45)

“What’s for me is for me” (23:05)

Competition vs complimentary (23:20)

Congratulating others openly (24:40)

Someone else’s success, doesn’t mean our failure (25:09)

Sewing and reaping season (26:10)

Waiting with expectancy (26:52)

Reframing ‘down’ seasons as seasons of ‘replenishing’ (27:24)

What are our ‘Pillars?’ (28:20)

The importance of each and ALL the pillars (29:50)

“The greater the success, the easier the target” (30:50)

Marie’s WELLNESS TOOLKIT – PE Science! (31:14)

The ‘ugly’ one (34:50)

Hurt-people, hurt people! (35:17)

How could I be who I am, had I not dealt with that? (36:19)

“What if you know everything you know, you just need to heal? The money and work stuff can’t be your end-all, be-all.” (36:36)

The “People Pillar” (38:15)

“Relationships matter, and there’s always someone watching you who has the power to bless you, but WHO are they watching you be?” (38:51)

Grinding, but not the point of our own detriment (40:16)

Busy doesn’t equal fulfilled (41:30)

Fulfillment = #1 key to managing finances, Lack of fulfillment = #1 catalyst in MISSmanaging finances (42:40)

Clarity builds confidence (45:02)

Action steps to build confidence and build wealth (45:10)

The importance of implementation (45:25)

It happens in the doing, not the talking or the thinking of it; it happens in the practice-of (46:26)

Patrice’s Six Pillars of Wealth: (49:45)

1. Fit (49:50)

2. People (49:53)

3. Space (49:55)

4. Faith (52:44)

5. Work (54:20)

6. Money (56:01)

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