What do you constantly crave more of every day? Whether it’s more confidence, more clarity, more CONNECTION, more self-love, more influence, or more opportunities… today’s guest lives by the philosophy: If you crave it, then you can create it.

Per usual, we are getting raw and REAL today. I sat down with the incredible Susan Hyatt, who is a Master Certified Life Coach who has helped thousands of women transform their bodies and lives. She’s the creator of the Bare Process, the Bare Deck, the Bare Podcast, an online community called Bare Daily aaaand a brand new book named… you guessed it: BARE. Susan is obviously SUPER passionate about helping women upgrade their lives and self-love by treating their bodies with respect and appreciation. She’s known for dishing truth (with a side of sass!) and has gained an international following of women who love her honesty, humor, and fearlessness. Not only has she worked with thousands of women, but she also has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Woman’s World, Seventeen, and O: The Oprah Magazine, and was a Finalist for the Athena Award, honoring her work in the field of women’s empowerment. You’re going to LOVE Susan’s energy and confidence-boosting insights about lifestyle upgrades, choosing and PRACTICING self-love, ditching dieting, owning your power, and how you can have MULTIPLE cakes, and eat them too!

Review of the week – @AmandaAnnC:

Marie’s fav #selfcare & #skincare – TULA!

Pleasure over willpower (12:55)

When you become a woman whose devoted to her pleasure, you have motivation that comes from a much deeper place (13:40)

What does pleasure looks like? (14:30)

“Become a woman that’s devoted to her pleasure, but let’s diversify your pleasure” (14:50)

Comfort & pleasure (15:01)

The Pleasure Principle ; “Our bodies are wired for pleasure” (16:28)

“Treat Yo Self!”

Full body impact of seeking pleasure (17:19)

We’re giving food a job that it doesn’t deserve (17:35)

“Instead of focussing on shrinking your ass, let’s focus on expanding your life” (20:09)

“Diet’s don’t work…” (20:19)

The things that make a difference in a woman’s life (21:00)

“I think we’re built to move” (21:09)

The problem with ‘Transactional Relationships’ (22:30)

The importance of intention & labeling (23:15)

Let’s focus on wage gap and not thigh gap (23:40)

The standard of beauty (25:01)

The dangling carrot (25:40)

“We all as women have to decide we’re going to move our bodies, eat, and adorn ourselves for our own standard of beauty instead of this external thing” (26:25)

How we can switch from an ideal someone else decided on, and do it for ourselves (27:40)

Step 1 – waking up & becoming aware of the messages we are receiving (28:01)

Curate your newsfeeds to reflect all different sizes, ages, body types… so you aren’t brainwashed into thinking that you’ve got to look a certain way (29:05)

“Does this lift me up, or does this make me feel (compare and despair) less than?” (29:25)

Diet culture = a carnival game (always rigged against you) (30:20)

Take the TULA Skin Quiz! Code: MARIE to save 20% on your entire order (32:23)

Make sure you’re consuming other things in life (35:15)

Changes with Susan (36:12)

MORE TIME! (37:20)

“All kinds of things can happen for a woman when she takes her power back” (37:30)

What do I think this different body is going to give me? (38:25)

Destination happiness (38:45)

It’s our birthright to feel amazing (40:20)

It’s not an either-or thing, it’s an ‘and’ (41:50)

HOW women can get out of the ‘self hate for motivation’ cycle (42:28)

Mindset – thought work; start eavesdropping on yourself and notice what you’re telling yourself (42:35)

Mean girl comes from a place of fear (44:09)

Bridge work – “I’m learning how to become a woman that takes exceptional care of herself” (44:37)

Susan’s Environmental Detox (46:30)

Susan’s ways to DE-STRESS without relying on food, alcohol, Netflix binge, or ANY way to numb-out (49:49)

“What do you most crave? What do I need most now? What am I thinking and feeling right now?” (51:20)

Feeling your feelings (51:35)

Rituals (52:01)

Susan’s book, Bare – a fresh approach to self-care (54:28)

Get Susan’s Book: LetsGetBare.com

One thing Susan is grinding for & hugely grateful for (56:15)

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