Today we are switching things up with a replay episode featuring yours-truly on the She Podcast with Jordan Lee Dooley! YES, the author of National Best Seller, Own Your Everyday (Overcome the Pressure to Prove and Show Up for What You Were Made to Do) Jordan and I are both Enneagram 3’s and have lived the same story in a lot of ways, ‘just in different packaging’ as she puts it! I know you’re going to love how she leads this conversation as we get real and raw about my low points of sacrificing personal priorities for physical results, and prioritizing what I wanted to accomplish over how I wanted to FEEL for way too long.

If you land on my page or a blurb from the podcast, you KNOW that I’m wildly passionate about teaching women HOW to find confidence within themselves, HOW to have a healthy lifestyle, and HOW to reach those physical goals from a place of true self love. But, what I love about switching chairs on episodes like these is that I get to take things ‘down to the studs’ (so to speak!) and remind you guys that I’ve built and placed self confidence on MANY different kinds of foundation over the years— some cracked and some not-so-sturdy, but eventually… some solid and stable! You KNOW I love goals, but when we place confidence in the achievement/approval (of ourselves OR others!) ..THAT’S where things crumble.

As Jordan and I chat about today, confidence is not something you win by crossing a finish line. You can’t WIN confidence. But after some soul searching, time off, and basically an identity crisis, I found I was going about confidence and self love in allllll the wrong ways. We talk about feeling stuck, the limits we put on ourselves, why we attach labels, being multi passionate, feeding our brains with new choices and thoughts, and how you can sit with the ‘stuck’ in an empowering way instead of a wallowing way!

If you’re feeling lost from a lack of direction or misplaced confidence, listen in for tangible tips and takeaways, because YOU are worthy of showing up for.Laying the groundwork of Marie’s health & fitness journey

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“I call myself a women’s transformation coach… I help women with their workouts and nutrition but really the core of what I do is helping women find their self worth, step back into their power, reclaim their life… always self love and confidence”

Movement, nourishment, self care

Marie’s background with fitness & insecurity with her body

The ‘thigh gap’


“Even then, I was placing all of my accomplishments and worth on what my body could do”

Competitive bodybuilding & Marie’s competing career

“What’s wrong with me?”

Soul searching & time off

Getting out of the stuck-ness


Sit in it in an empowering way, rather than a wallowing way

“Personal development… I have choices, I can think new thoughts and learn something new!”

Getting back in alignment with confidence in what you’re doing

“Confidence is not something you win by crossing a finish line, and that is something that I tried to do… I tired to win confidence! I thought that as soon as I checked that box, confidence would be handed to me in a package, and it doesn’t happen like that!”

Confidence as a daily practice; brick by brick

Believing that “I’m worthy”

Avoiding acting into expectations, and being image-conscious

Not looking to others for approval to create your confidence

“Confidence has to come from you, knowing yourself, and the inside-out NOT the outside-in”

Pressure to prove, temporary confidence

A purpose-driven place, without living up to expectations

Setting an intention of what you want to FEEL rather than what you want to ACCOMPLISH

“If you can’t make the process positive, the end result is not going to be positive, and you’re not going to be able to keep it either, right? If you’re not able to maintain the diet and workout regimen you put yourself on, you’re not going to be able to maintain the results!”

Put positive in, to get positive out

Overlooking the every day and the simple victories

Priorities and non-negotiables

Drunk on motivation

The epiphany that everyone else is living an entirely different reality than you

“When someone is projecting how they feel about you, it’s never really about you… it’s not my problem, that’s where they’re coming from, it’s not my job; all of the inputs they have that’s the conclusion they drew”

Living a life unoffended

Tips to get OUT of a place of negative body image, self doubt

The toxic belief of “fixing” yourself

Figuring out your goal from a heart centered place of love

“You will know and feel when you come to your true WHY”

“Do everything from a place of love; how can I eat like I love my body, how can I move like I love my body, how can I think like I love my body…”

Self CARE over self WORTH



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