Do you find yourself playing small, and leaving your ambitions on the back burner? Are you still surrounded by people who suck the fuel from your fire, instead of a cheer squad that ‘fans your flames?’ What if you could view uncertainty and resistance as gifts for the ambitious woman (YES, I said GIFTS!) and leave negative thoughts and limiting beliefs in the dust?

If you’re nodding your head at me like, ummm YES MARIE, DUH. then you’re going to love today’s guest as much as I do, because she is seriously one of the most incredible women I have ever met.

Today we have the amazing Topsie VandenBosch, who  is a Licensed Master Social Worker and Mindset Coach for female entrepreneurs.She empowers rising female bosses in discovering freedom from negative thoughts + beliefs that prevent them from performing at their highest level both in their career AND in their personal lives! (Yes, she is basically a real life fairy godmother for all the grown-up, female entrepreneurs navigating physical + mental barriers!)

If you’re ready to start seeing the storms in YOUR life as path-clearing opportunities for growth, then turn up the volume while you commute, do chores, workout, or whatever the heck you’re currently doing, because THIS episode is going to be a good one my friends!

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Get to know Topsie – Rapid fire Q & A’s!

Making time for fiction

How Topsie found her passion for people

Serving ambitious career focused women, struggling with depression and anxiety

The difference between being a therapist and being a coach, and how they are not the same thing

Topsie’s unique perspective

“Coaches work from the here and now, we don’t really dig into the pathologies; we’re looking at what’s going on, what are you life goals, what are the concrete steps for how we could move towards your goals?”

No regulation in the coaching industry

“Reset your mindset, slay your fear giants, and make bank in your business today”

How these go hand-in-hand?

“If your mindset is garbage, you’re going to have a garbage-ass business!”

The top mindset pain-points and weaknesses Topsie sees in her clients

Topsie’s Mindset Reset Intensive

The struggle of playing small and how it manifests itself in men vs women

“Not all storms come to disrupt your life; Some come to clear your path”

Victim mindset vs growth mindset

Action steps to get out of the downward spiral

Interrupting your thought patterns to rewire your brains

“Put your thoughts on trial”

TALK – to who gets you, and who speaks life into you


“Where we go wrong with vulnerability, is that we are sharing out sh!t with the wrong people!”

HOW to find a support network

Who deserves your energy? Being protective of your energy and headspace

“Dreams are great but execution gives them legs”

Be the person that does it

You’re going to find evidence for what you want to believe

Why NOT me?

“Just dead’em!”

One thing Topsie is grinding for, one thing Topsie is hugely grateful for