You’re listening to episode number 61 of The Grind & Be Grateful Podcast. We all KNOW that we need to healthy routines, self-care, and balance… but figuring out exactly how that looks and feels for YOU can feel super daunting. So today we’re going to bring it back to basics and help you upgrade your wellness routines like choosing the right foods, returning to your breath, sleep, and the foolproof approach to making it all work FOR you instead of feeling like a chore. This is SUCH a fun, valuable interview, and I can’t wait for you to meet my friend and wellness EXPERT, Kate Eskuri. Kate is a fellow Minnesota girl, registered nurse, integrative health practitioner, holistic wellness junkie, and the voice behind The Foundation Blog, where she inspires women to invest in their health through simple, foundational daily practices that can help them disconnect from their to-do list and reconnect with their life! WE LOVE THAT.

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Rapid-fire Q&A!

Early bird or night owl?

..we know you were a barista, soo fav drink??

Favorite way to add a little extra something something to healthy meals? 

Snow or Sunshine?

Favorite way to move your body? 

Kate’s Enneagram number?

Get to know Kate + her evolution in her health/wellness space

Working in the ICU

Changing course

Integrating Eastern + Western medicine

The Foundation Blog; “a mix of science and woo-woo!”


The importance of intentionality

What do I need today?

“Whatever I need that day from exercise, I can find it; I no longer fit a square peg into a round hole”

Being in-tune

“I always was way more interested in setting my personal best, than winning the race”

Where Kate’s foundation came from

Nutrition, puberty, rigidity

“The freedom and joy I felt in ordering real food– there’s so much deliciousness in these real, whole foods!”

Simplifying and getting back to the basics

“I think integrative health can be so approachable, and so real world!”

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Start with nutrition

“There’s so much complexity and so much deprivation mindset, and I’m really just trying to empower my fellow lady to find the joy in food again!”

“Whenever things get hard, just visualize what’s on the other end; visualize what the nourishing food is going to do to you! You’re going to wake up tomorrow with more energy, you’re going to feel truly satiated from the meal, you’re going to feel alert, and bright, and your workout tomorrow will feel better!”

Visualize what a ‘task’ can give you on the other side

Finding a place in the middle of Western + Eastern medicine

“Self care; it’s really about upgrading mini moments of my day”

“It’s really about upgrading mini moments of my day; if I bring an essential oil diffuser to my office, or investing in my very favorite tea even if it costs a couple bucks extra than the cheaper version, or picking the perfect playlist for my shower– every day things that you can just upgrade a little bit!”

Every-day hacks!

“My favorite time of the day is when I wake up, I have my coffee and I journal. To make that happen I will lay out my journal open-face on the kitchen table, with my pen, I’ll have the mug that I want in the morning set out, and my coffee is pre-programmed to be ready when I wake up; making it a non-negotiable!”

Jade roller

Dry brushing

One thing Kate is grinding towards + one thing she is grateful for!