Today I’m back with one of YOUR favorite episodes– a Q&A with my podcast PIC, Kelsey! Honestly, I love these too, and ya’ll know that part of why this show started is because I LOVE having an excuse to sit down with awesome guests and catch up like two friends grabbing coffee. So pull up a chair and join us, because we still have some juicy questions from my Instagram that we never got to last time– confidence, weight loss, weight GAIN, business, fitness, finance, wellness, personal questions… we’re not holding back!

Self LOVE chit-chat; the good, the bad + the not-so-fun/pretty! (2:09)

Confidence (4:34)

“I had such a surface-level idea of confidence; I was so fixated on getting the perfect body, learning how to do my make-up, getting my hair highlighted– I was so caught- up in the surface level stuff…”

“I checked off all the boxes and I was still painfully insecure, if not MORE insecure than when I started! I just kept trying to fix myself, and fix myself, and nothing made me feel better… even when I crossed that imaginary finish-line, I felt cheated!”

Confidence that’s easy to lose (6:27)

I think real confidence has to come from inherent self worth; inherently you are worthy, and until you can wrap your head around that concept… you won’t have the deepest well of self-confidence”

Why confidence is like a tree (7:22)

Where you depend on your confidence coming from (8:34)

Enneagrams + personality tests (10:43)

High functioning vs low functioning (11:33)

Self-awareness (14:33)

Was Marie always a high achiever, good at reflection, + calling herself on her BS? (16:22)

The Four Agreements (18:10)

Advice Marie would give to her 16 y/o self (19:16)

Marie’s Money-Mindset tips (21:44)

“All the money that I spend is an energetic exchange… the way you feel about spending money is going to determine how you feel about the outcome” (22:22)

The importance of looking at the ROI

“What is going to cost me if I DON’T do it?” (24:10)


Tangible tips for simple, automated, organized personal finances (27:10)

Give yourself an allowance! (28:35)

Allow money to be fun (29:24)

Even if you can only afford to give yourself $5 a week, enjoy the hell out of those $5!

Why Marie loves the Qapital app (29:23)

Bet on yourself (31:33)

30-Day Challenges (32:06)

Mindset + fitness (34:44)

Quick fixes (36:35)

What Marie is MOST proud of (37:24)

I reject limitations (29:25)

Health swinging from one extreme to the next, weight loss + gain, the pro’s and con’s of both (40:50)

“Competing, to me that was a disguised way to change my body, and actually, trophies don’t make you feel better about yourself if you’re chasing them for the wrong reasons”

What happens when you go about dieting the wrong way (42:28)

Being stuck in what you’re tolerating (46:01)

“I think tough love is one of the realest forms of love” (46:14)

The three-legged stool (48:00)


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