You’re listening to episode number 64 of The Grind & Be Grateful Podcast. This week I’m playing musical-chairs with the mic and am sharing the episode I recorded with Liz Sandoz on her Podcast, ‘Miraculous Mamas’! You probs remember Liz from episode number 56 (AND for any of my Bachelor Nation fans out there…. Liz was on Nick Viall’s season of the Bachelor!) Liz was in MY home while we recorded this episode, and as you’ll see she made me FEEL right-at-home while chatting with her. We went deeeep on my personal development journey. You’ve heard me talk about the coat of armor I used to wear, and in this episode we rewind alllll the way back to my childhood days of feeling self conscious in my body, even all the way back to ELEMENTARY school, my unfulfilling + UN-happy journey to the nonexistent land of ‘Destination Happiness’, and then what it took to reach for goals like self-acceptance + self-love over diets, competitions, and a life of insecurity.

I KNOW you are going to get so much out of this episode– there’s something really special about letting you in on the conversation when I’m sharing my personal stories, rather than asking the questions, and it will give you some incredible insights into how YOU can cultivate confidence, choose self love, and start enjoying the journey.

Marie as a Transformation Coach (3:59)

“I help women use health + fitness + movement + nutrition + mindset to help transform their lives, it’s from the inside out! Because so much of the work I do is about their mindset, how they look at themselves, and why they set the goals that they set and how they’re going about it” (4:11)

Body awareness + feeling self conscious in elementary school

The shift in ‘celebrated’ body types; long, thin legs + a thigh gap vs strong + curves

Consumed by being self-conscious

The problem with “Destination Happiness”

Marie’s dive into personal development

“To truly transform and have it be something that is satisfying and brings you confidence, it’s not about fixing the external, it’s about aligning the internal and then working from the inside out.”

“I was a shell of myself”

“I realized fitness competitions were not health competitions”

I really committed myself; I don’t care how my body is going to change, I don’t care what social media is going to think, let’s get healthy!

“Healthy is not about the way that you look, it’s about the way you take care of yourself and how you feel”

The problem with women’s magazines

What Marie tells herself when she has “bad days”

“If you can get outside of what you look like and draw confidence from your character…”

Why it’s unrealistic to say you should/have to ‘love’ every part of yourself; “I don’t LOVE them, but I accept them”

“Your purpose here on earth is not to grow your butt or shrink your stomach”

How you feed your body, how you move your body.. those are the foundational acts of self love.

“Cellulite; our fat cells are actually built differently than men’s!”

Separating daily-productivity from daily-approval

Keystone habits (31:12)

Feeling spiritually, mentally, + physically fed

You can’t get a positive result from a negative process

I was trying to hate-myself confident

We don’t stop to think about how this will make our life better

Diet culture teaches us that we should always be striving to fix-things

Marie’s WHY behind being a women’s transformation coach

“I deepened my coaching as a mirror as I deepened my journey; My coaching is very much a mirror of my experiences, and wanting to help women navigate through similar experiences in a less painful + clearer way”

Failing your diet + the pendulum of ‘perfect’ dieting

The vicious cycle

Marie’s health journey as an influencer

Living your truth

Giving the right compliments

The arbitrary mile-stones of losing weight, getting married etc.

Pressure from society + family

“How are you?”

Asking better, deeper, questions

Self-love, self-loathing + self-acceptance

“Really, the first step of self-love is to strive for self-acceptance”

“It can be really powerful to love things that you’re not responsible for; your eyes, your smile, the shape of your nose! It can be the smallest details, but if you can find something to love about yourself… it starts that positive momentum.”

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