Your listening to episode number 67 of the Grind & Be Grateful Podcast. Today I want to start of by saying, “It happens. Body insecurity happens. Food anxiety happens. Body shaming happens. Yo-yo dieting happens. Weight gain happens. It happens to most of us. And to be honest, it sucks.” But today’s guest is here to tell you, that it is not your fault. And the good news is, it doesn’t have to be forever. There is a solution that will allow you to feel happy, free, and confident in your body. Today’s guest is going to change your mindset, and in turn, possibly change your life. Her clients have included best-selling authors, celebrity chefs, professional athletes, reality TV stars, top CEOs, high-performance executives and women from all walks of life.

I’m so excited to introduce you guys to Sarah Anne, a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP) whose mission and passion are one in the same: shifting the world to a greater state of happiness through well-being.

Today, we’re going to talk about how you can achieve a body you love – the Holistic way! Sarah has discovered what keeps women from their healthy body goals, and today you’ll discover what it is and how to beat it… so you can free yourself from your weight struggle and start living your life again, in a body you are proud of.

All about Marie’s ride-or-die supplement company – PE Science (3:26)

Review of the week – @A. Tiers (5:46)

Sarah Anne’s childhood (9:02)

Growing up in a holistic household (9:30)

Sarah’s introduction to modeling (11:20)

Sarah’s eating disorder and facing the facts of her career (11:55)

“How did this girl who knew all this information about the power about food get to this place where she’s going to lose her life because of food?” (12:20)

Media, culture, fashion, and our programming (12:45)

Sarah’s anxiety vs the tests from her doctors (12:25)

Unlearning what we’ve learned over recent years (13:40)

Mindfulness + meditation (14:15)

“There’s so much more to this process; how we look isn’t the end all, it’s how we feel inside.”

Avoiding the truth vs having the courage to confront (15:30)

“I think we’re so terrified of mindfulness and meditation and journaling; who will we be when we’re woken up? What’s going to happen when we finally wake up to our truth?” (16:10)

What’s waiting on the other side of this ‘work’ (18:30)

Solving mindset to solve the root cause of anxiety (20:22)

Why changing physical things doesn’t fix the real the issue (20:30)

The need to change our body (23:30)

“We’re usually chasing a feeling…” (23:40)

Why Sarah believes that losing weight (having a desire to be healthier) and loving yourself (as you are) can co-exist (25:40)

Habits (28:40)

Self-sabotaging (32:10)

Mindfulness (34:30)

Checking in with yourself (35:44)

Forgiveness letters, guilt and shame (36:28)

Bingeing patterns (36:00)

Pattern interruption (38:00)

What a forgiveness letter looks like (41:20)

You can heal your relationship with food when you heal your relationship with your body (43:30)

“We should never be changing our body for someone else…” (46:40)

“You’re the only person that can decide if you’re worthy of a happy, healthy life.”(48:14)

You’re the only one that can take responsibility for your life (49:23)

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