You’re listening to episode #68 of the Grind & Be Grateful Podcast, and TODAY we’re doing one of my favorite things I’m sharing an interview that I did as the interviewee for my girl, Namaste Jenay!

Her and I hit it off on that SOULLL level (as some of you may remember from when I interviewed her) and now you get to hear her. Today we talked all about some of my FAVORITE things when it comes to our goals + our bodies— mindset, mind-body connection, values, AND why simple goal setting isn’t enough anymore.

Get ready, as we chat about the WHY, how, and what of creating sustainable goals that are rooted in MORE than just an external value of looks. Jenay + I are talkin’ holistic health, WAY beyond the number on the scale, or the tag on your jeans. Let’s release what’s not serving you, and elevate your state of being wholly and completely! I can’t wait to jump in, I know that today’s conversation is going to catapult you INWARD, on your self development journey.

Marie’s personal development + wellness journey (3:20)

Growing up with insecurity around her body (4:55)

Mom’s gossip magazines (5:10)

“I internalized all those things as: I need to be skinny, I need to be beautiful, I need to eat 1200 calories, I need to look a certain way, workout a certain way, dress a certain way… that bread a lot of unworthiness, and that manifested with me wanting to really change my body…” (6:11)

College athletics + bikini competitions (7:05)

Marie’s post-competition experience (7:55)

Auto-immune disease, fatigue, depression (8:10)

Forced to redefine her identity (8:20)

Turning struggles into blessings (9:10)

True transformation (10:30)

The ‘iterations of Marie’ (11:48)

Helping women transform from a place of love (12:55)

Being an example (13:30)

Gaining followers with 8-pack abs (14:51)

Loving the body you’re in (15:20)

“I was taught to hate my body…” (17:50)

“I’ve manipulated my body in all of the ways, and nothing made me happy until I started working from the inside-out” (20:01)

Missing out on life (20:23)

Having physique goals when coming from a place of love (21:30)

“WHY do you want to lose 10 pounds?”(22:05)

What wanting to lose the weight is REALLY about (22:10)

The mind-body connection with achieving goals (24:14)

HOW will you know when you’ve found your WHY? (26:05)

Fundamental self-care; showing up + being worthy of taking care of (27:00)

The issue with controlling the controllables (28:22)

The issue with using food and exercise as a vehicle of control (29:30)

Getting clear on what you want to feel like, and look like (28:22)

Marie’s self-care tips (32:40)

Marie’s “Do, Be, Have” activity (33:14)

You can’t get a positive result from a negative process (36:56)

Our highest-self (37:50)

How Marie feels about ‘messing up’ and getting ‘off-track’ (40:10)

Seeing lessons over road-blocks and obstacles ( 42:11)

Mindset transformations (44:20)

Investing in yourself by investing in a coach (46:20)

Choose a coach whose approach aligns with your beliefs (47:00)

What Marie feels is her message to share with the world (53:08)

Replacing the stories (56:10)

You are worthy of being taken care of, showing up for yourself, and stepping into your next best self… (56:18)

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