Still can’t believe I’m a FIANCÉE, y’all! Our love means the absolute world to me, and has taught me so much: The importance of fighting for what you want (even when all your friends say “she’s too young for you, bro”), The strength of a true team, especially in the face of life-threatening adversity, The power of allowing each other to grow, learn, and walk our own paths yet still choosing one another every single day, The beauty of letting someone see ALL of you, even (and especially) the shadowy parts.

Our engagement story (and the story of us in general) is WILD! Today, we sat down and shared the story of our engagement down to the (hectic) details, while answering your juicy Q’s with some of our personal advice for a healthy, lasting relationship!

How + where Andrew popped the Q! (7:59)

Was Marie surprised? (8:03)

What the day was like (10:18)

Marie & Andrew’s hike (10:59)

Popping the question (13:00)

Marie’s excitement (13:55)

Obstacles + Andrew’s prelude to the proposal (14:28)

Securing the ring (14:40)

Playing hide-and-seek with the UPS truck (18:47)

All about Marie’s ring! (21:20)

Was Andrew nervous? (23:00)

Marie’s ONLY regret from the proposal (23:27)

Do things feel different at all? (23:46)

Committment (23:55)

Andrew’s engagement ring (25:51)

WEDDING questions! (27:12)

Non-traditional, destination wedding? (27:20)

Wedding vibes/theme/decor (30:35)

Marie’s dress (31:00)

Will Marie take Andrew’s last name? (31:30)

What are Andrew + Marie most excited about (33:45)

Favorite thing about each other? (34:40)

Marie + Andrew’s advice for a healthy, long, relationship (38:54)

#1 Get comfortable enough to…. (39:01)

“There’s something even stronger than breaking the ice…”

#2 Make the decision to…. (41:30)

“No relationship is ever going to be perfect or without hardship because it’s between two imperfect people..”

#3 Never stop…. (44:32)

“You’re either getting better or you’re getting worse, there is no ‘staying the same’ because if you’re ‘staying the same’ you’re getting worse…”

Work on yourselves individually + collectively

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