Today’s episode is SO relevant because it’s really starting to feel like FALL, ya’ll! This is the the time of year where I get SO many messages and comments from women saying they have fear and anxiety around what SHOULD be the coziest and happiest time of year! But, with gatherings and social events comes the tail spin for so many people being torn between tightening the grip on their food restriction, OR having their health goals go out the window till New Years.

It might strike a chord hearing this outloud, but either of these are VERY REAL perspectives, and as a women’s transformation coach, I see this ALL of the time. Women are trying to buckle down on their restriction, and miss out on the best memories of events because they’re so consumed with anxiety/miss out on events all together (been there, done that) OR throw in the towel and say they’ll start caring about things ‘again’ when January 1st rolls around– EITHER one of these bring the fact that negative narratives, dialogues, and relationships with food AREN’T doing anyone any favors! 

So, we’re going to break down HOW many of us got here, and hopefully help break you OUT of the story you’re stuck in, in today’s episode with the help of my guest, Whitney Catalano, RDN! Whitney is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with her own private practice. She specializes in helping people heal their relationship with food,  break free from the diet/binge cycle, make peace with their bodies, and take the power back from their inner bullies. Whitney has a podcast called Trust Your Body Project where she chats all-things surrounding HOW to ditch diet culture and transform your mindset around health. OUR kind of gal, right? Whitney has so much knowledge and great insights to share with us in today’s episode, so I can’t wait for you to soak it all in!

Girl talk over coffee/wine while getting coached? $34 a month locked in for the founding members?!


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Whitney’s personal story

Whitney’s path in dietetics

Whitney’s healing process

Whitney’s role today and the transformations she helps facilitate

The root issues and parent issues

Weight trauma, and emotionally unavailable parents

Women being scared to trust their bodies

Control Enthusiasts

“We don’t actually have control, it’s an illusion”

Our inner-child

Our emotional responses to others

Whitney’s opinion on Weight-Watchers for kids

Acceptance, approval, success

Themes around love and acceptance


“The body craves a normal relationship with food”

HOW can we be better at modeling food for our kids

“If you’re struggling, get help”

Kids are noticing our behavior whether we realize it or not

Commenting on kids’ growing and changing bodies

Red flags of chronic dieting and relationships with food

Recognizing the way you talk about yourself, your food, and other people

“If you’re casting judgements onto another person, that is just you projecting what’s going on inside of you; you only judge people in the voice that you use for yourself.”

The longterm, negative effects of being at war with food and our bodies

“We’re all struggling with the fact that we don’t have that much control”

Stress is not good for your body


“Mental health is so much more important than you eating some cake”

Which is worse for the body: being overweight does to us, or what the stigma of being overweight does to us?

The inner-bully


Trigger-foods + unconditional permission

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