You’re listening to episode number 73 of the Grind & Be Grateful Podcast and we’re going to talk all-things notttt just *surviving* the holiday season, but *thriving* this holiday season. I know that the holiday season can be amazing, but it can also be difficult, stressful, anxiety provoking… for a lot of different reasons! There is so much to be thankful for.. so many good things happening, but there are some things that a lot of us struggle with! There are a lot of different layers to navigate during the holiday season, and it can sometimes be a challenge to navigate those layers in a healthy way. As you know, Thanksgiving is coming up, holiday parties, Christmas, New Years… the fun (and/or the stress) is not slowing down anytime soon, so I hope that this serves you and helps you embrace this holiday season without feeling like you went overboard, or feel like you’re restricting yourself or missing out!

A quick word from future Marie… (3:30)

WHY Thanksgiving/the holiday season may be harder for some of us (7:26)

The perceived negative impact that food may have on our bodies + the bigger meaning of what that holds for us (7:40)

“Usually our issues with food are tied to body image, because of our issues with food are from how food changes the way our body looks”

How do we perceive our body impacts our worthiness, our confidence, our value as a woman? (8:35)

How do you view food? (9:35)

“Good” + “bad” food (9:40)

Navigating relationships + loving people from a distance (10:30)

Being outside of your usual routine + how it impacts us mentally/physically (11:00)


“If we are not growing, if we are not evolving, if we are not getting to know ourselves… the good and the bad, more each day… what are we doing?”

Marie’s Holiday Tips! (13:20)

HOLIDAY TIP #1: Get some perspective (14:09)

“The Thanksgiving meal is only 1 out of 90 meals you’re eating this month…”

“This is not your last supper. all this food is available any time…”

HOLIDAY TIP #2: Set nonnegotiable’s that are going to make you feel GOOD (17:50)

Daily movement (18:55)

Staying hydrated (19:22)

Have one nutritious meal (19:40)

Getting at least 8 hours of sleep (19:59)

HOLIDAY TIP #3: Create boundaries that protect your peace (21:30)

Toxic energy (22:35)

Verbal + physical boundaries (22:49)

“This is your life, and it’s not your responsibility to make other people feel good about your choices…” (24:50)

HOLIDAY TIP #4: Stay mindful + relaxed (25:44)

Connecting with our heads + bodies

Day-of focus (26:01)

If you feel stressed or out of control around food… (26:45)

What TO plug in to (28:44)

HOLIDAY TIP #5: Move forward with grace + gratitude (30:52)

Forgiveness (31:17)

“The great thing about being a human and a great gift that we get is that we get another chance to try again– tomorrow, the next day, the next holiday… it’s all a learning experience….” (31:40)

Take away a positive (32:15)

Weave in gratitude (32:20)

How you can ACTUALLY commit to becoming your #BestSelf in 2020….. (

Shift the ‘I’ll-start-again-in-the-new-year’ mindset (37:40)

Marie wants to celebrate you (39:33)

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