I love this time of year, and I love that this little thing called “balance” reallllly taps us on our shoulder in our relationships, our work, our nutrition, our fitness, our FREEDOM. If you know me, you know I’ve seen what being very OUT of balance is like– with my life and with reality– and that’s honestly NO fun. It ruins moments and memories, it holds you back from living your fullest potential, and LIFE’s fullest potential. So I’m extremely grateful that I now have years of balance under my belt now and that today’s guest, is going to help you get there too, by sharing her encouragement, love, wisdom, and light for any of you still stuck in the shadows.

We are ALL about giving ourselves grace over here, and our guest is actually known for the mantra “grace over guilt!” which strikes a special chord with all of us, because it’s ALL a work in progress! Today, we have on Robin Long of The Balanced Life, and I could NOT be more excited. Robin is a pilates instructor, a mom of four, and brings a balanced and healthy approach to holistic living.

Robin is revolutionizing what it means to live a holistic lifestyle through redefining what it means to love and accept the unique bodies and lives we have been given, while continuously working to grow and become the best possible version of ourselves, physically and mentally. In our conversation today, we’re connecting on a soul-level, chatting all things sisterhood, self care, grace, guilt, internal dialogue, efficiency, consistency, fresh starts, ownership, and so much more! Robin is planting some MAJOR seeds of truth, wisdom, tips, and tools when it comes to fitness, forgiveness, and filling your cup up to its fullest potential!

Get ready for the permission you’ve been needing to live with more freedom, and less guilt, while creating a healthy, and uniquely balanced life of your own.

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Review of the week from MNS queen @LindseyWard (5 stars)

A quick Q&A w/ Robin! (4:25)

Fav family trip Robin has taken (4:35)

Robin’s favorite pilates movement/exercise (5:21)

Early bird or night owl (5:40)

Cooking or baking? (5:57)

Least favorite health food (6:35)

Coffee or tea? (7:05)

Robin’s story (7:50)

Corporate life + anxiety (8:20)

Finding strength through pilates (10:33)

Advice for the pilates ‘curious’ or ‘scared’ (13:10)

“Pilates is really more strength based…” (14:15)

A great form of cross-training for weight lifters (14:40)

Getting comfortable at home (17:05)

Robin’s FREE 5-Day Series

Community around movement + The Balanced Life Sisterhood (18:20)

BUSY women + pilates (20:42)

“We teach what we need to know”

“Pilates is total mind and body; breathing, reducing stress, clearing your mind, improving focus…” (21:20)

Efficient (22:01)

The workout illusions we create in our head (24:10)

Hustle culture (25:01)

“More and more women are burning themselves out; physically and emotionally…” (25:02)

Why it’s not necessarily true that the harder we work, the more our bodies change (28:10)

“More is not always more” (29:18)

How to have a better relationship w/ exercise + our bodies (30:01)

“I started to connect movement with how I feel, and I started to fall in love with how good I felt after a pilates workout; the energy that was in my body, the blood flow, the mind-body connection…” (31:01)

“How do you feel when you’re done?” (32:10)

Why health is more than food and exercise (34:05)

What’s healthy for YOU? (35:40)

Robin’s morning routine (36:18)

Small wins + consistency (38:10)

How Robin stays intentional, organized, within boundaries (42:50)

One thing Robin is grinding for + one thing Robins is hugely grateful for (47:21)


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