Whether you have a social media presence yourself, or you’re just a spectator, I know that you’ve seen #sponsored or #ad a time or two! It’s hard to remember a time before Instagram and influencers were a regular part of our day, and today we are talking to a gal who was at the forefront of it all! This episode, we will be pulling back the curtain on all things “influencers” and using social media to grow a personal brand.

Today we are hearing from Ali Grant, who launched Be Social in 2011 as one of the first agencies executing integrated influencer outreach and collaboration. The communications group is headquartered in Los Angeles specializing in digital-forward campaigns for lifestyle, wellness and beauty brands and talent. So between Ali on the agency side, and myself on the creator / influencer side, we have SO much to share about what REALLY goes on behind the scenes of brand deals, content creation, and building a personal brand.

With Ali at the helm, Be Social has been named one of Inc.’s fastest growing businesses, spearheading digital campaigns across influencers, social, events and publicity. It’s safe to say she is blazing the trail in a space that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! Ali is so down to earth, and I can’t wait for you to get in on our real and raw conversation about social media today, the whole ‘influencer’ thing, and how to stay grounded in the wacky world we have at our fingertips.

Rapid fire Q&A’s:

Mountains or beach, for a winter getaway?

Fav memory from 2019?

WHO is Ali Grant?!

The term ‘influencer’

How influencer marketing has changed the way we make purchasing decsisions

Working with brands

The trust of your audience

The process behind brands working with influencers

Content creation

Influencer life

Ali’s first taste of entreprenurship

The not-so #glam side of owning/running a biz

Is Instagram “TOO” saturated to start your own brand?

“Don’t try and be like everyone else out there…”

Staying focussed + saying ‘NO’

“Learning to say ‘no’ as an entrepreneur is a hard one but a really good one… it allows you to take on bigger opportunities in the future”

Ali’s tips on work-life balance


Ali’s wellness non-negotiables

Ali’s words of wisdom for authenticity

“No one else is you, if you’re being authentic”

What Ali is currently grinding towards + grateful for!

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