What if I told you that courage isn’t about being fearless? That you can say YES, before you know how to execute… That your career and LIFE path don’t HAVE to be a corporate ladder, or a one-lane track to the finish line. That your story doesn’t HAVE to make sense right now, and that your WHY deserves action even if feels like a leap of faith. If you’re a gal that’s played it safe her whole life, or fallen flat on her face more times than you can count… YOU are not alone, and I’ve been in (BOTH of) your shoes. Today’s guest is about to change your life (yes, I’m serious, CHANGE your life), and how you’re living it

I’m bringing on an incredible woman (who knows a thing or two about the different skillsets that different chapters can present us with– ALL while getting real with fear!) Jessica Honegger is an award-winning social entrepreneur, the founder and co-CEO of the socially conscious fashion impact brand, Noonday Collection, and author of the book Imperfect Courage. Jessica has a lonnnng list of accomplishments as a result of her hard work + deeply rooted sense of gratitude, BUT acknowledges the role and presence of FEAR along the way.

Today Jessica is here to tell you that there is never a “PERFECT” time, or the “PERFECT” resources; but what you need is this littttttle thing called BELIEF. If you’ve ever felt self-doubt and fear butt-in on your truth, pull up your chair and get ready to be encouraged to leave comfort, GO scared, and step into a life of impact!

All about Noonday Collection (6:30)

Jessica’s entrepreneurial journey (7:44)

Struggle and identity (17:00)

“There are always bumps on roads! I’ve never been on a road that doesn’t have a pot hole!” ((17:45)

Fear (18:18)

Choosing vulnerability (23:30)

Letting people into failure, inviting people into your need (23:45)

“We all want to be needed! Women want to show up for one another”

Say it out loud + ask for help (26:00)

Isolation (27:40)

“We’re made to be known and loved, and we’re made to know and love other people” (29:00)

“Your life and your story is meant to impact others” (31:34)

The balance of hustle + ease

Productivity + motivation (34:30)

Practices to start moving the needle in your life (37:10)

Recognizing our own magic (38:00)

“What are you good at? What do OTHRE people say about you? Then decide that instead of focussing on your weaknesses, live into them and own those things!” (39:30)

Wellness (40:40)

Sleep hygiene, exercise, (40:50)

The ‘wellness game’ (43:37)

“Do the next ‘right’ thing” (44:30)

Gratitude (45:10)

What Jessica grinding towards + grateful for (46:00)

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