You’ve heard of horoscopes, enneagrams, maybe even human design but have you ever heard of ENTREPRENEURIAL ARCHETYPES? On this very special episode of Grind & Be Grateful, I am joined by my dear friend, Amanda Bucci, the creator of Entrepreneurial Archetype, and she is about to help you get SO clear on how + WHY you need to leverage your archetype results. 

Amanda is a social media consciousness expert, intuitive business mentor, spiritual psychology expert, and soon-to-be author. She’s here to share everything about her latest project: the entrepreneurial archetype.

In this episode, Amanda explains what the entrepreneurial archetype is and how entrepreneurs can use it to show up in their business. Amanda walks us through what the 4 entrepreneurial archetypes are (entrepreneur, coach, teacher, and creator). She’ll also discuss how your specific archetype will influence how you set up your business model, your content strategy, your hiring decisions, and how to set your entire business up for success. Harnessing your entrepreneurial archetype will help you get more of the RIGHT things done, and minimize burnout so that you can feel super aligned in your business.

Tune in and find out how your entrepreneurial archetype can get you aligned with your business ASAP!