Normally, I wouldn’t do two solo shows in a row– it just doesn’t sit well with my perfectionist tendencies, BUT I’m making an exception and shuffling some things around because I have something REALLY exciting to tell you about this week. But before we get to the really exciting announcement, I wanna fill you in on what this episode is about and that is HEALTHY HABITS. As you probably know, habits are the foundation of wellness because when motivation fades, habits and discipline will be what keep you chugging along. But the tricky thing with habits is that it always feels like BAD habits are SO easy to fall into, and GOOD habits are SO hard to establish– can you relate?! For me, one of the most helpful things when it comes to creating those healthy habits is to really get clear on the IMPACT it’s going to have. I’m the type of person where if there isn’t a clear, logical reason for doing something, I’m absolutely NOT going to be motivated to do it. So today I’m going to share with you 10 healthy habits that have literally changed my LIFE, AND explain the impact that they’ve had so that you can decide whether or not each habit is something you want to pursue and if you do, you can do so with clarity and confidence that it’s with your best interest in mind and at heart. Sound good??



“My new wellness mentorship program, The Move, Nourish, Shine Collective, just opened its doors for early bird enrollment this morning! Check out the website to get all of the info, but in summary, it is a mentorship program that combines fitness, nutrition, and mindset for a total personal synergistic transformation in 12 weeks, feeling more confident, health and radiant than ever before.” (2:07)

“I’ve seen a huge gap in health and wellness/fitness coaching, where everyone is addressing food and workouts, but I wasn’t able to find a great framework for teaching mindset and personal development to my clients–so I created one myself!” (3:38)

How the Collective is different from previous groups challenges (4:25)

What Marie’s most excited about (5:06)

To save money on enrollment & learn more about The Collective, visit: (5:45)

Review of the Week: madisonguler

“Incredible. I have been following Marie on Instagram since her fitgirlfuel days:) being a Minnesota girl myself, and wanting to get some type of fit, I loved feeling like I was following a real person. She’s kept it real since day 1! Through struggles, achievements, setbacks, dealing with negativity and using positivity- Marie is raw and so dang motivating! I began listening to her podcasts right away because, fangirl, and because I love her fitness topics. However, I have continued to listen because of her outlook on life and everything else this podcast has to offer! It’s seriously for everyone. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge bombs, Marie! You’re simply the best.” (6:45)

Healthy Habit #1 Waking up early. (9:23)

“There’s this beautiful calmness and silence when you wake up before the sun, can go about your morning slowly and gently–meditate, journal, eat a nice breakfast, go for a walk.” (10:07)

How sleeping in can make you feel anxious, and stressed, without time to ‘fill your cup up’ (11:17)

Productivity in the morning, coast in the afternoon, have an evening (12:00)

Healthy Habit #2 Having a Daily Gratitude Practice. (12:55)

Morning gratitude journal with breakfast (13:07)

ShineText for iphone – (13:15)

Marie’s lifehack of ‘habit pairing’ – Pair activities together for success (13:40)

Write what you are thankful for in detail, to FEEL it (14:30)

“You are a masterpeice and a work in progress all at once, but you have to acknowledge the masterpiece that already exists in order to enjoy the work in progress.” (16:02)

Healthy Habit #3 Eating one huge salad a day. (16:19)

Why you should eat a huge a$$ salad #MetalMixingBowls (16:30)

Salad inspiration (17:25)

Marie’s salad template (17:47)

Healthy Habit #4 Honoring my cravings sooner rather than later. (18:50)

The problem with ‘eat this, not that’ (18:56)

Why eating the real thing is better than a ‘healthy substitute’ (19:24)

Eat the chocolate and move on (19:49)

Food freedom (20:30)

Healthy Habit #5 Exercising to build, not to burn. (22:20)

“There is so much social conditioning telling us that exercising is about burning calories and fat, and there’s nothing wrong with those things, but they shouldn’t be the primary motivator for moving our bodies.” (22:34)

Moving your body is good for so much more than burning calories (23:46)

The MOVE of the Move, Nourish, Shine Collective (24:14)

Healthy Habit #6 Getting enough sleep (24:45)

Our culture’s obsession with not getting sleep (24:51)

Investing in sleep (25:40)

Sleep deprivation side effects (25:11)

Limiting screen time before bed for better sleep (26:35)

Marie’s favorite sleep supplements: (26:52)

Healthy Habit #7 Supplementing with supplements (27:50)

Marie’s favorite supplements explained (28:23)

Healthy Habit #8 Selecting my tribe carefully and keeping my circle small. (32:37)

“Connecting with people over social media is such a blessing, but it can’t replace that in-person connection.” (32:55)

Quality over quantity in relationships (33:16)

Choosing whose options you put stock into (34:06)

Healthy Habit #9 Letting it all out. (35:53)

See a therapist (36:04)

Why you should cry more/show emotions (36:10)

Grow your spectrum: feel the lows, to feel higher highs (37:11)

Why Marie is a huge fan of therapy (37:56)

Healthy Habit #10 Making decisions based on what my highest self would do. (38:38)

“It’s a process of uncovering, not a process of becoming.” (39:10)

Uncovering through action (39:29)

Marie’s highest self, and how to visualize YOUR highest self (39:36)

“Ask what your highest self would do, and take that road.”  (41:11)

Marie’s 10  Healthy Habits reviewed (42:40)

Share a healthy habit with Marie (43:30)

Visit the Move, Nourish, Shine Collective website for early bird enrollment: (43:50)