Today we’re going to get REALLY REAL, so I hope you’re ready! 

We’re talking about 5 of the biggest realizations, or lessons, or mindset shifts that I have had so far in my life. Now, don’t get me wrong– I’m 23 years old and I still have a LOT to learn, but I have made HUGE strides in my personal development and awareness of myself and others in the past… I’d say 2-3 years… because I’ve really committed myself to addressing the messy stuff and just learning. Reading books, listening to podcasts, meditating, journaling, talking with mentors and friends, and sitting in stillness with myself– that one is huge. All of those practices have helped me realize the 5 things that I’ll be talking through today. So whether you’re in a similar place and need some affirmation that you’re on the right track, or you’re 10 steps ahead of me and need some quick reminders, or if you’re a couple steps behind me and haven’t quite gotten here yet– I hope this episode serves you in whatever way you need it to! Let’s get started, shall we?

Realization 1: My life is entirely up to me (6:00)

“Uncontrollable events do happen, but I choose how to react”

One of my struggles to take responsibility in the past (7:30)

“Your unhappiness is ultimately your fault, but so is your happiness” (9:15)

Realization 2: Everything happens for me, no to me (10:00)

“When we face challenges or experience resistance within ourselves, that’s exactly when we should be pushing forward and pushing through, and be open to the lessons that are in front of us” (11:00)

Realization 3: No one else knows what they’re doing either (12:00)

“I very rarely feel like I have my life together, and when I do… it lasts 5 seconds (12:30)

“Even when you level up in life, every level brings new challenges (13:30)

“We’re all flawed humans” (14:30)

Realization 4: There is literally no way to make everyone happy, so I have to do what makes me happy (15:30)

“Over time, I’ve learned that I have to do things for me– it’s my life, not their life” (17:00)

Realization 5: I am not my thoughts (17:30)

“Your thoughts don’t have to be your truth” (18:15)

The importance of mindfulness and how to practice it (19:00)

How I overcame my fear of sharing my stories and lessons (22:00)

“We all have this unique life experience that literally no one else in the history of the world has ever had, and I think it would be a shame to hold that back