Today it’s just you and me for another SOLO SHOW! I recently polled my instagram followers about what type of content and topics you guys would want to see and lots of you said you wanted more solo shows, so your wish is my command.. PLUS they’re really fun for me too! Today we are talking about the top 5 things that I’ve learned on my fitness journey, and let me tell you… most of these were learned the HARD way.

I started my fitness journey about 8 years ago and I did EVERYTHING wrong in the beginning and basically made things way harder than they needed to be for YEARS. I saw the light eventually, have learned SO much, and now I’m a successful coach and everything, but I would have saved so much time and frustration if I would’ve understood these 5 lessons sooner. Obviously I can’t go back in time yet, BUT hopefully by sharing these lessons with you, you’ll get to skip over a little bit of that struggle that I went through.

PLUS the sooner you can learn and apply these lessons to fitness, the sooner you can apply them to the rest of your life too. Because while I am talking about these in the context of health and fitness, they can all be directly applied to ANY other area of life as well, and that’s one of the reasons why health/fitness/wellness are foundational topics of this show– they really translate into every other area of life and are a catalyst for growth.


Featured review of the week from phd_fit: “This podcast isn’t particularly relevant for my business since i’m currently working on a PHD in infectious diseases, but I listen to the podcast all day at work and I am passionate about fitness in my personal life. Thanks Marie because this is the most positive thing I listen to all week, and it changes my whole vibe for the better regularly. Keep up the great work!” (3:20)

“There are so many areas of our lives where we can learn and improve, so why box ourselves in and only talk about one facet of life?” (4:20)

What supplements Marie takes from PE Science and why (6:00)

Lesson #1: You Need to Start with Why. “Your why is what keeps you going when things get hard.” (7:11)

“It’s never about the weight, the inches, the PR’s in the gym, it’s always about real life; how they want to feel, how they want to show up for the world, and how they want to be for the people they love.” (8:56)

Lesson #2: If you don’t love the process, you won’t love the result. “Having a negative, toxic reason to try to get more fit and change myself, meant that the entire process felt negative and toxic.” (10:34)

“I was miserable throughout the entire process for a couple years of trying to change my body and look a certain way.” (12:36)

“It’s not a game of how much can I suffer, it’s actually a game of how much can I make this an enjoyable lifestyle so that the results I do get are results that I can maintain.” (13:41)

Lesson #3: Everyone is better off with a coach. (14:29)

“Everything is better with a coach because nothing beats having an objective eye on your progress.” (14:40)

“Our subconscious mind is always working in the background to find us the path of least resistance; and often the path of least resistance is not the path to your goals.” (15:41)

“We are terrible at identifying and celebrating our own progress.” (16:16)

“Accountability is everything when it comes to pursuing goals, especially when it comes to fitness; having someone to report to on a weekly or daily basis makes all the difference.” (17:37)

“It’s about having someone who is in your corner and will lovingly call you out on your BS.” (18:27)

Someone else always know more than you. (19:20)

“The fastest way to get to your goal is to have someone who has done it before lead you there; that’s what a coach does.” (19:30)

Lesson #4: There’s no substitute for hardwork. (20:56)

“We live in a world where fat-burning pills, sweat-wraps, waist trainers, detox-teas, and diet companies all promise fast and easy results. I hate to break it to you, but it’s all a lie. There’s no quick fix, there’s no magic pill to get you results overnight. There is quite literally no substitute for hard work.” (21:22)

Lesson #5: You have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. “No matter what your goal is, you’re going to have to leave your comfort zone to achieve it.” (22:40)

“Our first instinct as humans is to find those edge of our comfort zone, and once we hit the edge we instantly just want to retreat back to safety.” (23:47)

“After enough practice, you can get comfortable with the uncomfortable and actually crave pushing your limits.” (24:28)

“So hopefully by hearing them from me, you can skip over the struggles that I’ve had to go through or at least get through them a little faster to make progress yourself.” (26:06)