This week’s guest, Angela Simson, has mastered creating those things in her own life, and today she tells us exactly how! Ange is a holistic health coach, business coach, and I think she would say most importantly, a wife and mother to two of the cutest little girls ever. Ange’s entire life has been transformed by the simple yet HUGE practice of gratitude, so of course we’re really going to dive into that, as well as talk about how YOU can see radical transformation in your own life with just a couple of simple shifts. We also get super real about what it’s like to adopt a healthy lifestyle, manage businesses while managing a family, and how she is instilling gratitude, health, and hard work in her daughters AND women around the world. We covered TONS of different topics, but I think I’m most excited for the gratitude talk– this is the Grind & Be Grateful podcast is all about.

Ange is total health guru now, but she says “I never thought I would be [working] in health. I used to be addicted to chocolate, I was “skinny fat”… I had zero vitality, and my body was just getting by” (7:00)

When it comes to teaching her daughters about wellness,  Ange says “we live a very balanced approach, we’re not too strict with them… we eat really well at home… but if we’re out, and all their friends are having ice cream, I’ll let them have ice cream… I focus on making sure that they have a good relationship with food” (12:15)

Why is gratitude such an important part of your life? “I had a pretty transformational experience around gratitude” (16:00)

Ange says gratitude has changed her mindset towards life, her relationships, her wellness journey, and her parenting (18:00)

“If you can just add a bit of gratitude to your day, even if it just helps 1%, isn’t that better than doing nothing?” (18:20)

Easy ways that YOU can integrate gratitude into your daily life + how to “lead with vision”(19:30)

What Ange does for her daily gratitude practices + how she makes them a priority (24:00)

The process of building businesses based on gratitude, abundance, and wellness (27:00)

All about the magic of women lifting one another up and the Babes Supporting Babes events (34:30)

Talking about the importance of creating work-life balance as a girl-boss (40:00)

Rapid fire questions (46:45)

The #GrindAndBeGrateful question (48:00)


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