We are mixing it up today, throwing a bonus episode your way and talking about the ten best goals to have for 2020! I know we’ve been talking a LOT about ‘new year, new me!’ and I think it’s super important to talk about what goals are going to serve us the MOST this year! It’s easy to get caught up in all of the hub-bub and excitement of the new year, and adopt everyone else’s goals even if they don’t resonate with us, or even if they’re not intentional or well thought out, so THESE goals aren’t goals that I think every single person should have or even that they’ll definitely be right for you but more so that you can try them on and see if you can commit to them yourself.

I am partnering with Love Beauty and Planet to bring you this episode, and wish you a happy new year! I’ve worked alongside LBP for most of 2019, and now we’re starting 2020 off strong as well! They’re an incredible bath, hair care and overall self care brand whose mission is to spread small acts of love for both ourselves and the planet. I’ve seen first hand how they source their extracts, support environmental initiatives, and now they are pioneering new ways to recycle our beauty products and make them more sustainably minded! Be sure to pick up some LBP products and commit to more small acts of love for yourself and the planet in 2020!

Marie’s fav LBP products:

The aluminum-free deodorant

The Juicy Grapefruit Day 2 Shampoo

The Shea Bodybutter

The BEST 10 goals to have for 2020:

1. Have more fun (4:32)

2. Eat more plants (6:25)

3. Switch to natural/sustainable beauty + body products (7:44)

4. Do more things that scare you (10:15)

5. Move your body daily (12:50)

6. Create + stick to more boundaries (15:01)

7. Prioritize your mental health (17:01)

8. Save up an emergency fund (18:44)

9. Reduce physical clutter in your space, to reduce mental clutter in your mind (21:10)

10. Feed your mind with more productivity + positivity (23:50)