This week, I’m serving you my THREE biggest insecurities on a silver platter! Definitely our most vulnerable SOLO show yet, get ready to kick your ‘inner mean girl’ to the curb. What are insecurities? How do they happen? Whether you’ve internalized a one-time event for life, or perpetuated repeated beliefs, your insecurities are one thing… learned! Finding true confidence doesn’t mean that you’re immune to insecurity it means that when you are feeling insecure, you have the tools to move through it and bounce back more quickly. After this episode, you will have the tools to help you stand tall in your truth, NOT the beliefs you’ve constructed and taken comfort in believing.

Review of the week – @MandyKaye7 (3:01)

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What ever ARE insecurities? (5:55)

“A belief gets internalized within us and becomes our own inner-critic, or inner mean girl, and it becomes an insecurity” (7:02)

Monkey see, monkey do (8:20)

“It was the only way I knew how to act when looking in the mirror” (9:09)

It’s not your truth, but it’s an inner belief that you have (10:02)

Our insecurities become our comfort zone and safety net (10:20)

A defense mechanism (10:45)

Our insecurities are learned, which means they an be unlearned (10:50)

Insecurities = an opinion that someone once had, it doesn’t have to be our truth (11:07)

Freedom versus prison (12:25)

“I don’t want to learn about confidence and self-love from someone that it comes naturally to; if someone has never struggled with those things, how are they supposed to help someone like me improve in those areas?” (12:55)

Insecurity #1 – My personality! (13:45)

My introvertedness & social anxiety (14:04)

#NewSituations… story time! (15:07)

“Own the insecurity and move through it” (19:05)

HOW Marie has “so much confidence and energy every day!” (19:45)

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Insecurity #2 – My face! (22:02)

Listen to Marie’s 1st episode HERE

Insecurity #3 – My body! (24:55)

“Women of all shapes and sizes are insecure, and it’s not because all of our bodies are wrong! It’s a lie, that got made up and fed to us somewhere along the way that made us believe that the way our body looks is wrong, or unattractive…” (26:01)

Strategies for OVERCOMING your insecurities! (27:25)

Step 1 – CALL OUT your insecurities! (29:01)

Step 2 – Identify the INNER CRITIC! (30:14)

Step 3 – STAND UP TO the inner critic! (31:40)

Step 4 – Practice NEW BELIEFS! (33:16)

“I am strong, and feel healthy in my body”

“I am confident in my body and everything that it does for me”

“I feel secure, healthy, and happy in my body”

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