You’re listening to episode 65 of the Grind & Be Grateful Podcast, and I am here with a solo episode my friends! One of the most frequently asked questions in my DM’s the past couple of weeks while I was away in Italy, was ‘HOW the heck are you doing this without feeling guilty, without gaining weight, without feeling insecure, feeling bloated??!’ How did I stay balanced and continue to feel good in my body while galavanting across Italy, eating all the pasta all the gelato hanging out in a swimsuit all day? HOW did I balance everything? It used to feel like this impossible future far, far away! That is something where years ago, I didn’t know if I’d ever get to this point! That makes me so much more grateful, and humbled that I’m experiencing true balance, true self-love, really healthy body image, and I REALLy struggled to get here; I had to put in the deep work to get here– How to approach eating on vacation, how to approach movement, how to keep a level head when all of these variables are out of your control! Today, I have some really solid actionable strategies and hacks to share with ya’ll, so that you can take some steps towards balance, feeling incredible in your body no matter where in the world you are, no matter what the season or the circumstance!

First, the Review of the Week: @Emmea5 (5 stars)

Today’s episode / mini-training: “How I Ate My Way Through Italy With Zero Guilt + No Weight Gain”

What happened after Marie got home stepped on the scale after traveling in Italy for 11 days

“Maintaining my weight or looking a certain way wasn’t my highest goal; My highest goal was to balance feeling physically balanced in my body while enjoying the trip, while I still felt confident, still felt energetic, and so that I didn’t regress with my physical progress and the health and fitness goals that I set for myself.”

Why Marie’s a firm believer that we can have it all

Strategies + mindset Marie uses to enjoy her trip to eat pasta every day, eat gelato, drink wine, NOT hit the gym…

Previous trips when Marie remembers being caught up in the drama of insecurity, being stressed about food, and remembering it more than the trip itself.


  1. Sit down and create space to decide what your non-negotiables + intentions are for taking care of yourself mentally + physically on the trip

Have a plan for what’s going to make you feel best

Marie’s non-negotiables: daily movement, water, supplements, greens

  1. Marie’s meal/food strategies with indulgent meals + nutritious meals
  2. Share your indulgent meals with other people
  3. Skip meals if you aren’t hungry, so long as they honor your hunger cues and not restriting


  1. Bloating + weight gain are temporary 
  2. Feeling restricted or like you’re missing out is a choice and so is honor your body + your goals
  3. Traveling, social events, birthdays, weddings, enjoying yourself and living life are not ‘getting off- track!’
  4. Your experiences should be just as much about the people, the memories, and the ambiance as they are about the food.

It doesn’t have to be all about the food, and why being in the moment with scenery, the views, the decor, the ambiance