Today I’m interviewing Jordan Cheyenne of the Girl Boss Academy. We get to talk all about creating a business that not only supports your family, but also serves other women in a HUGE way! Jordan started her YouTube channel 4 years ago and is now thriving as an entrepreneur, content creator, and single mom, and she’s sharing her secrets for living a life that’s ABUNDANT in every way!


Jordan is so passionate about sharing her passion and wisdom for social media growth that she’s now focused on “teaching other female entrepreneurs to grow their presence on social media, maximize their engagement, turn their audience into customers, and turn social media into a job”. She says, “I’ve been so incredibly blessed to be able to be a full-time YouTuber for the past few years” (3:15)


She originally gained traction on YouTube when her son’s birth story went viral. Christian was “born 3 months early at only 1 pound” and she was told that he wouldn’t make it. (3:45)


“When you have the thought of something you’re really passionate about, and you wanna do, today is the day. Just go for it, don’t wait any longer” (5:45)


Jordan is a huge believer that vulnerability is the key to helping others and building an audience. “By you sharing your struggles and being really raw and honest with people, that in turn inspires  people” (7:30)


We’ve both found that people don’t want perfectly curated content about how perfect your life is, they want to see your struggles and hardships, and then how you overcame thing. You don’t need to have a perfect body, a lavish lifestyle, or a new car to be “enough”. Honesty and authenticity about flaws and mistakes WINS in the long run. (10:45)


Sharing the steps to her huge success is so important to Jordan because she is so thankful for where is now, and feels called to help other young, female entrepreneurs find their own way to support their families, share their story, and create a life that they love. (22:00)


Her 3 biggest tips for growing and maximizing social media growth are (24:15)

  1. Maximize free value by serving your niche every single day
  2. Work to keep engagement high by replying to comments and showing your audience that you truly appreciate them
  3. Consistency always wins– if you want social media to be your job, you have to treat it like one


“The more value you can provide people, the more income that will come your way” (27:45)


In her Girl Boss Academy, she teaches the ins and outs of how to actually become successful on YouTube and Instagram. There are so many details that people don’t think of when they’re just starting out, and having someone to mentor you can be an absolute game changer. (30:15)


Like many of us, Jordan sometimes struggles to balance her business, family life, health and fitness, and everything else, but she has lots of strategies for staying organized and delegating tasks so that she can be there for her son and serve her audience as much as possible (34:00)


Among all of her other goals and passions, Jordan is also big into health and fitness and also shares that side of her life on YouTube as well. She has found true confidence and mental strength through her fitness journey, which has included major weight loss, overcoming binge eating, and overhauling her lifestyle. (37:00)


We talk about the trap of “destination happiness” and the importance of sharing, and being proud of your journey, instead of waiting until you’re at your destination. (40:45)


Above all, Jordan is grateful for having a truly supportive community who care about her as a whole person, and encourages everyone to build a tribe based around being authentically yourself (47:00)


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Her courses are available through the link in her bio!