I might be a little biased, but this episode is insanely good– one of my favorites for sure– and I know that you’re going to get a TON of value from today’s guest, Emily Sexton. In her past life, Emily worked on Wall Street as a Vice President of Communications and Change Management, and now she brings her ‘win them over’ know-how, delightful enthusiasm and every day wit to encourage American consumers to use their purchasing power for good. You can now find Emily traveling in developing nations in order to find gorgeous new goods for her Downtown Raleigh, NC Boutique + online shop, The Flourish Market. She is an overly obsessed dog mom, a karaoke back up dancer afficionado, an unlikely Crossfitter, and an avid believer that every woman is worthy of influence. As you can tell, Emily is a woman of MANY talents and experiences, and she is sharing them all with us today! Our conversation covered everything from how to discover your self-worth, to the lessons we can learn from fitness, to actionable tips for productivity and preserving the most precious resources you have: your time and energy. Oh, and did I mention that she has some crazy stories to tell?! I seriously can’t overstate how much I LOVE this episode, and I know that you will too!

After years of working for a global-level investment bank, Emily quit her job took her communication and change management skills and worked to apply them in a more meaningful way. She thought to herself, “I have a really cool skill set, but what’s it all for? I think that this skill set can be better used for the world in a slightly different way” (9:00)

Emily’s business, The Flourish Market all started from her interest in lifting up disadvantaged communities– “let’s see if women are interested in using their purchasing power for good” (11:00)

“It became clear to me very quickly, the women in my community struggle with their self-worth too…. I realized that women struggle so much with body issues, soul issues, and mindset issues, and they were in desperate need of someone encouraging their worth” (15:30)

Emily is so passionate about reaffirming the self-worth of other women because it’s something that she’s struggled with from a young age, and sees that as a common thread among everyone. “When I speak, I always ask people in the room to remember the first time they didn’t feel worthy, and it’s almost always goes back to childhood”  (19:00)

How to cultivate self-worth and confidence in yourself (23:00)

  1. Write out the lies you’re telling yourself– “getting it out on paper helps it lose power”– then correct it with what’s actually the truth.
  2. Fill your cup every single day “even if you’re a busy mom and only have 5 minutes, find something that works for you to fill your cup”

Dealing with debilitating back pain gave Emily a new perspective on physical and mental strength, and that’s ultimately how she got her start into Crossfit (30:00)

How to determine what’s important vs urgent (35:30)

“At the beginning of each year, I write down 10 life goals, and they’re all linked back to legacy and how I want to feel when I look back at 80 years old”

When it comes to productivity and prioritizing, she says that “until my top 3 tasks for day are done, I do not check email, I do not open my texts, I do not let life happen” (37:30)

How Emily feels perfectly okay about having 24,000 unread emails and 500 unread text messages (41:30)

“How are you defining what you want your life’s mission to be? Influence is legacy– what do you want to leave behind when you’re gone? What do you want the slash between the day you were born and the day you die to represent? It’s so important” (46:00)

“I want everyone to take back their influence” (48:30)

Rapid fire questions (51:00)

The #GrindAndBeGrateful question (57:00)