I LOVE that sustainability, plant-based eating, and mindfulness have all been hot topics of conversation lately because they ALL make our world a better place by making US and the planet healthier and happier. BUTTTT as someone who is definitely a work in progress for all of the above, I also know that trying to get into that stuff can be very overwhelming, daunting, and discouraging, SO I brought in an expert to break things down and help us all do better! Today we have celebrity holistic health coach, author, inspirational speaker, professional fitness model, and yoga instructor (..just to name a few!), Koya Webb! Don’t worry, we won’t be forcing you to meditate right now, but DO turn the volume UP and turn down the noise in your day because today’s episode will serve as your daily dose of grounding and ground BREAKING work. 

Koya is revolutionizing sustainable living, self love, and making friends with fear. In our conversation today, we’re connecting on a soul-level, chatting all things meditation, sustainability, mental health, mastering energy, and turning common obstacles into seeds for growth. Koya is planting some MAJOR seeds of truth, wisdom, tips, and tools when it comes to fitness, fierceness, and finding what fuels your fire– regardless of what season of life you’re in!

Koya founded Get Loved Up, a Yoga and Holistic Health School and international lifestyle movement that inspires mental, spiritual and physical health and wellness. She is the host of Get Loved Up podcast and author of new book LET YOUR FEARS MAKE YOU FIERCE and is committed to creating communities worldwide focused on love consciousness.

Get ready to get real and raw with this wellness trailblazer, on her mission to empower and uplift the global community through education and entertainment. We’re half way through 2019..! What’s your favorite place you’ve visited/traveled to so far, this year?

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Rapid-fire Q&A time with Koya!

Favorite yoga pose?

Early bird or night owl?

Silver or gold?

Go to breakfast?

hot or iced coffee? Or neither? 

Get to know KOYA! (

Humble beginnings

Appreciating food, nutrition, & fueling athletics

Yoga as a catalyst for change during injury

Rest, recovery, & managing stress

“I have to ask my body what it needs through meditation”

Becoming the best versions of ourself

“It’s a process; we are spiritual beings having a human experience”

“If you keep going within through meditation, then you will be on that path of soul meditation”

Sustainability in wellness & the earth

“If anyone is breathing, they can move forward, they can evolve; our breath is the number one key to going within, dissolving stress, making sure you’re not reacting but responding in a mindful way”

Don’t judge, live

Growing through challenges

“The world is not happening to you, it’s happening for you; when you have that mindset you can get through anything”

How life is like school/graduating

“You’re going to be tested before you go to this next level of evolution that you want”

Look for the beauty & love in the world

What sustainability means to Koya

Veganism, plant-based

Simple ways to become more sustainable

Make it about what you can do, not what you can’t do

Starting small

“Do things daily”

Self Care – take the TULA skin quiz!

Koya’s daily rituals

Becoming a stronger woman, and owning a place of power

Changing your mindset from ‘victim’ to ‘creator’ to push past the challenges

“Those fears are only meant to make you stronger, and those challenges are your opportunities to grow”

Making meditation a better habit

“I have to make loving on myself a lifestyle”

Making it a source of love rather than a bandaid

“Meditation is like a spiritual shower; when we get dirty, we wash off! Meditation and yoga is like a spiritual shower so that we can be in a state of peace and place of love.”

“If you don’t love yourself where you are, unless you cultivate that love within yourself.. there is still going to be a void there”

Love yourself where you are; “I am loved where I am.”

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WHAT Koya is currently grinding for & grateful for

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