Calling all aspiring influencers! Today’s episode with guest Kahlea Nicole covers ALL of the most common questions we get about growing an audience, fostering engagement, monetization, and what we ACTUALLY do in our day-to-day lives! Kahlea is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, social influencer, major goofball, and the founder of Gal Getaway: a creative movement fueled by workshops, events, and trips across the nation for women in business. She thrives on spilling all her business secrets and helping creatives curate business strategies they can implement immediately. She loves to teach others how they can get started exactly where they’re at, create more impact with less overwhelm, and how to overcome limiting beliefs so they don’t hinder their growth.

“It’s been a crazy, go-with-the-flow journey”– how Kahlea began her career as an influencer and what it’s like being a marketing student who’s learning more from just doing things in the real world (5:00)

What does it mean to be an “influencer”? (9:40)

“[Influence] could be very positive, or it could be negative. When it comes to influencing for me, I want to always create a positive impact, or a positive change” (10:00)

What drives Kahlea to face her fears and commit to entrepreneurship is her philosophy about the future. She says “I’d rather hear a ‘no’ than never know. I don’t wanna spend the rest of my life wondering ‘what if?’… I never wanna spend my life wondering what would’ve happened if I had taken the leap” (16:30)

What are the different ways influencers can make money and monetize their brand? “There are tons of different ways outside of brand collaborations” (21:00)

“The reason I can sell ebooks, and events, and courses, and things like that is because my audience trusts me, and they know that I bring a lot to the table, and I have value that I can offer them” (23:30)

“It’s all about showing up and serving your audience before you ever sell anything to them” (24:00)

“A lot of us have limiting beliefs. I truly believe that success has nothing to do with having the perfect strategy, but rather it’s having some strategy and a whole lot of faith and desire, and knowing that you can do absolutely anything as long as you put your heart and mind to it” (29:00)

What do influencers do on a day to day basis? What tasks are part of a normal week? (37:00)

“As a creative, if you constantly pushing yourself to meet certain goals on a daily basis, it’s easier to get burned out. Creativity has to flow… it’s all about making sure that you stay inspired” (38:30)

How to deal with people who don’t understand or support your ambitions? (42:30)

Kahlea’s vision for herself and her brand in the future (46:00)

The #GrindAndBeGrateful question (49:15)

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