The single MOST important relationship we’ll ever have is with ourselves, yet so many of us our guilty of leaving our own needs as an afterthought. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a student, a mom, a corporate girl boss, or anything in between, it’s so easy to let our ambitions and hunger for success totally take over. There’s ALWAYS more work to be done, more people to meet, and more concepts to brainstorm… but hustling endlessly comes at a cost. For today’s guest, Kat Harris, that cost was crippling anxiety attacks and overwhelming exhaustion– that was her wake up call. Through her rise as a super successful photographer, the founding of an online magazine, honing her content creation skills, and starting a podcast of her own, Kat has learned the importance of putting her own oxygen mask on first, but it hasn’t been a smooth ride by any means. Listen in as well discuss the really important (and really HARD) things we need to tackle as ambitious women with big goals.

“Really the underlying vision for everything I do is this passion I have for women to know their beauty, identity, and value from the inside out– everything I do is a vehicle for that message” (4:30)

“I want women to know that they matter, and one of the reasons why that is my biggest message is because it’s the biggest message that I need to hear. I struggled for so long, believing that of myself. I could see the beauty and the worth and value in every single person around me, but I couldn’t see it for myself (5:00)

“We live in a society that says ‘do what feels good’… so then feeling becomes the basis for truth, and the problem with that– at least for me– is that my feelings change 1000 times every day, and it also stunts me looking to the future (14:00)

“One of the first things to do [when gaining clarity] is pause. Just stop and take inventory… it takes courage to pause when you’re in the middle of something, and zoom out, and really take inventory of your life” (18:00)

Questions for identifying what lights you up and is potentially your bigger purpose (19:00)

“Long term rhythms are created by tiny movements. We all want the massive tidal wave or the overnight success story, and it’s not like those don’t happen, but most often in my life, it starts off… slowly over time, making tiny, minute changes that are committed to my growth (26:15)

Kat’s practical strategies for overcoming the feelings of self-doubt and insecurity, including how to practice truth statements (31:45)

Through her struggles with anxiety and burnout from being so wrapped up in her career, she learned that “I can’t serve others if I first do not love myself”, and that she’s not willing to sacrifice everything, include her health and sanity, for her career. Kat shares the mental shits she has had to go through in order to overcome anxiety and figure out what truly matters to her now (45:00)

The #GrindAndBeGrateful question (50:45)

Rapid-fire/fun questions (53:30)

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